ACOP Main Event: Yaxi Zhu Claims the Chip Lead Going Into Day 4


62 players returned to PokerStars LIVE Macau to play Day 3 of Asia Championship of Poker Main Event. Exactly half of them would leave empty-handed as only 31 players would get paid.

Among the notables still left in the field were Mike McDonald, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Joseph Cheong, Dimitar Danchev, Ami Barer, Thomas Muehloecker, Jason Mo, Daniel Colman, Connor Drinan, Sorel Mizzi, Celina Lin and the talented poker rookie from Shanghai, China, Yaxi Zhu.

Celina Lin
Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin entered the day with a stack of 135,100, just a little under average. Unfortunately Lin lost a big pot early in the second level of the day (level 14). The action started when Lin raised UTG and got a call from Dong Guo. Dimitar Danchev 3-bet to 15,300, Lin called and Guo folded. The flop came and Lin checked. Danchev bet 11,100 and Lin called. The turn was the and Lin called a bet of 25,200. The landed on the river and Lin checked once more. Danchev fired out a bet of 50,100 and Lin called a third time. Danchev turned over for a set of queens, while Lin according to the PokerStars Blog indicated that she had AK.

The huge pot left Lin with only 55,000 (23 bb) in chips, and for the rest of the long day she struggled to survive. On the bubble Lin was all in with a pair of tens against Vladimir Troyanovskiy’s AK. Lin’s pair of tens held up and she could breathe a sigh of relief. Lin finished the day with 90,000 in chips and in 21st place out of the remaining 24 players:

Yaxi Zhu
While Lin was struggling and trailing most of the day, Yaxi Zhu kept climbing the leader board. The 24-year old poker prodigy from China entered the day with 155,700, a little above average.

After a couple of hours play, Zhu was involved in a big hand with Sorel Mizzi, who started the day as chip leader. The action began when Mizzi raised to 9,000 and both the button, Amichai Barerand, and the small blind, Maxim Prokhorov, called. Zhu was in the big blind and she 3-bet to 30,000. Mizzi thought about it for a while and 4-bet to 65,000. Both Barerand and Prokhorov got out of the way. Zhu went into the tank and eventually 5-bet to 135,000, which got the job done, and she raked in the big pot.

After the bubble Zhu eliminated Maxim Prokhorov in 29th place with a pair of kings vs. his pair of deuces. Down to three tables Zhu was also responsible for sending Mike McDonald to the rail in 25th place. The hand began with Zhu raising to 12,000 from the cutoff. Vladimir Troyanovskiy on the button and Mike McDonald in the small blind both called. The flop came and Zhu c-bet 18,000. Troyanovskiy got out of the way and McDonald called. The turn brought the and Zhu continued her aggression with a bet of 39,000. McDonald check-raised to 110,000 and Zhu called. When the fell on the river McDonald moved all in for 240,00 and Zhu snap-called with for the nut straight, while McDonald showed .

The huge pot gave Zhu the chip lead and she finished the day with 1,019,000, average is 363,750. Japanese player Yuri Ishida was not so fortunate, and she was eliminated after the bubble in 31st place for HK$202,000.

Play will resume Friday at 3 pm. local time, where they will play down to the official final table. PokerWomenNews wishes Celina Lin and Yaxi Zhu the best of luck on day 4 and hope to see them both at the final table.

Photo: Yaxi Zhu, PokerStars Blog

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