ACOP Main Event: Yaxi Zhu Fell Short of the Final Table


Day 4 of the Main Event at Asia Championship of Poker proved to be a very tough one for Chinese poker prodigy Yaxi Zhu. Zhu entered the day as chip leader with more than one million in chips after climbing the leader board on Day 3. Team PokerStars pro Celina Lin also made it to day 4, but as one of the short stacks among the final 24 players, she did not have much room for maneuver.

The start of the day was pretty wild as three players were eliminated within 20 minutes, among them Celina Lin who finished in 22nd place. Lin was all in with a pair of fours and was up against the pocket tens of Dimitar Danchev and Ami Barer’s AK. Barer hit a king on the flop to send Lin to the rail with a paycheck of HK$270,000.

After the elimination of Jiang Zhang, David Douglas and Kai Yat Fam the final two tables were set, and Zhu was seated with last year’s ACOP Main Event champion Sunny Jung, EPT-winner Michael Tureniec, PCA-champion Dimitar Danchev and Aussie Millions-champion Ami Barer. Not exactly a soft table to say the least. The action didn’t slow down, and Michael Turenic and Dimitar Danchev were the next players to go in 17th and 16th place.

In competition with Sunny Jung from South Korea Meng Dian Peng from China battled for the chip lead. Both Jung and Peng used their big stacks to apply pressure on the former chip leader Yaxi Zhu and other stacks at the table. And the players kept dropping like flies: Jorn Walthaus in 15th place, Terrence Chan in 14th place and Ronald Chun Long Yu in 13th place.

In a hand versus Konstantin Pogodin Zhu was able to get a much needed double up. Zhu open-shoved from the cut-off for 140,000 and Pogodin called in the big blind. Pogodin tabled vs. Zhu’s . The board ran out , and Zhu doubled to 320,000. But with blinds at 6,000/12,000/2,000 there wasn’t time to sit around and wait.

In the final hand Ami Barer raised to 12,000 and both Bodo Sbrzesny on the button and Yaxi Zhu in the big blind called. On a flop of Barer C-bet to 48,000. Sbrzesny folded and Zhu check-raised all in for a total of 184,000. Barer called and tabled vs. Zhu’s . Zhu had the lead with her pair of treys. The on the turn didn’t change anything, but the river saw a fatal prevail to send Zhu out of the tournament in 12th place for HK$406,000.

To PokerWomenNews  Zhu said – just a few minutes after her elimination – that she was “disappointed. Today was not my day, and everything went wrong”. At the same time she was confident, that she would make it “next time”. And with the impressive year Zhu has had so far, we’re confident, that she will be the very last player standing any time soon.

The final table of nine will play down to a winner on Saturday. Sunny Jung will enter the final table as chip leader, hoping to win back-to-back titles.

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