Adrienne “talonchick” Rowsome is Facing a New Challenge This Summer

Adrienne-RowsomeIn an interview with PokerNews, Adrienne Rowsome from PokerStars Team Online revealed that she and her husband, poker player Ryan Carter, are expecting a baby.

“The quiet in our household is definitely going to change this summer”, Adrienne Rowsome said, “because we are expecting our first prodigy to arrive. So we’ll see how that changes things. I’m looking forward to the challenge it presents having a baby in the house”.

Adrienne Rowsome that goes by the name “talonchick” online is a high stakes mixed game player, who’s favorite game is Omaha Hi-Lo Split. She is not the typical online wizard with a hoddie as she is also working part time as an occupational therapist. Both she and her husband have been playing poker for more than 10 years and even if the baby will mean great changes, Adrienne says in a PokerStars blog, that:

“I expect to still be playing poker after the baby is born. I will get maternity leave from the hospital so won’t have those obligations to worry about. I’m sure my time will be more compromised, but hopefully, I will still get a couple of hours a day to play some cash games. I’m sure it would be much more challenging if I was a tournament specialist”.

For her husband the changes should be manageable as well: “Ryan plays mostly NL Hold’Em, at this point focusing on heads-up sit-and-gos. But he played cash and MTTs for a number of years prior to that. Over the years, I’ve drawn him into some mixed game action, too. His approach to poker is really admirable. He works very hard at studying and improving himself”.

The couple live in a small town in British Columbia, Canada. And who says online poker is not romantic? Adrienne tells the story: “I transitioned to online poker very quickly as it was almost impossible for me to go play an eight hour session and then go work full time during the day and it was just exhausting. So when online poker came on the scene, I was just ecstatic. I loved playing online ‘cause I could just play for an hour while I was making dinner (… ). A couple of years ago I met somebody online and we started chatting in the chat box and you make friends through the poker community. The games I play, like the Fixed Limit Hi-Lo Split games, it’s a fairly small community; you see the same names over and over again and now I know a lot of the faces behind the online names.

And so a couple of years ago I was heading down to Vegas and I was going to meet one of these guys behind the online name. And he had driven down there with a buddy, and his buddy is now my husband! It just so happened that we met, we hit it off, I had not ever dated a poker player before and it was not really something that was on my radar. I kind of thought that that was kind of work life and I wanted to keep personal out of that. But it’s been really great”.

You can follow “talonchick” on her blog here.
And watch the interview with Pokernews here.

Photo: PokerStars

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