Ana Marquez Eliminated in the EPT Grand Final Main Event – Liv Boeree 12th in the $5k

liv boereeWhen day 3 of PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final Main Event began today it was with a short stacked Ana Marquez. The Spanish pro was the last woman standing and she went into the day with 54,000 chips, which was well below average.

According to PokerNews’ Live Reporting Ana Marquez had an early double up, when she shoved from the button for 64,800 with . Vasili Firsau called from the big blind with . The board came and Marquez now had 135,000 chips.

Ana Marquez had another double up, when she check-raised Team PokerStars Pro Ville Wahlbeck after seeing a flop of . Wahlbeck made the call and tabled for two pair, while Marquez had and was looking for another heart to make her flush. The heart came on the turn with . on the river didn’t change anything. Ana now had 190,000 in her stack.

But a couple of hours later, it was over for Marquez, when her ran into Narenda Banwari’s . Marquez needed her hand to hold up, but an ace on the flop sealed the deal. With 6,000 left in her stack Marquez shoved the next hand, but failed to hit with her against Marc Uzan’s .

Ana was eliminated as #79 and received €19,200 in prize money.

When Team PokerStar Pro Liv Boeree busted the Main Event yesterday she went to register for the €5,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament. And it proved to be a good decision. The side event had 187 entries and Liv Boeree managed to stay alive until they were only two tables left:

Liv Boeree got €14,950 for her 12th place finish.

Photo: PokerStars

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