Aussie Millions: Angelina Rich is the Real Terminator


The Aussie Millions 2015 has been a great series for the women so far. First Xuan Liu finished runner-up in the 6-max NL event and then poker legend Marsha Waggoner took 2nd and Maria Ho 5th in the $2,500 HORSE event. Today Angelina Rich went all the way and took down the Terminator event.

It all started, when 243 entrants signed up to play Day 1 of Event #12, the $1,150 Terminator. The tournament certainly lived up to its name as only 22 players survived the day. Among them was fashion blogger and poker player Angelina Rich, who won the Women‘s Event at EPT San Remo back in April.

Down to the final 9 players on Day 2 Angelina Rich had the chip lead with 560k and she didn’t really look back even though she took a couple of hits along the way. The first four players were eliminated within half an hour and Rich was responsible for knocking out Nicholas Keong in 7th place, when he ran his into Rich’s and didn’t improve.

Five-handed the chip counts looked like this:

Angelina Rich – 570,000
Paul Stewart – 550,000
Bruno Portaro – 500,000
Jim Giannoukos – 400,000
John Thomson – 390,000

Bruno Portaro was the next player to go after he was involved in a big pot vs. Rich that left him crippled. On a board of and a lot of betting Angelina Rich moved all in on the river and Portaro let his hand go. The pot saw Rich climb to 750,000, while Portaro was left short stacked and was eliminated in 5th place soon after.

Rich was the terminator when Paul Stewart shoved with on a board of . Rich quickly called and had once again picked up aces. The on the river didn’t change anything and Stewart was sent home packing in 4th place.

Three-handed Rich had more than half the chips in play as she was sitting with 1,4 million, John Thomson with 700k and Jim Giannoukos with 400k. A deal was made that gave Rich $25,000, Thomson $22,000 and Giannoukos $21,000 – and $950 reserved for the winner.

Three-handed play started out in a horrible way for Rich as she first doubled up Giannoukos and then Thomson. Thomson shoved with and Rich was in good shape holding . Unfortunately Thomson made a straight on the turn to gain the chip lead. A few hands later Rich picked up a pair of kings and shoved from the button. Thomson was holding a pair of sixes and called from the small blind. The flop came and Rich was back over a million.

A little later Rich once again picked up kings and she raised to 60,000 from the button. Giannoukos was in the big blind and he declared “all in” holding AJ. The on the flop gave Giannoukos two pair and put him in the lead. The did nothing to change that, but the on the river certainly did and Giannoukos was eliminated in 3rd place.

Heads-up Rich had a chip advantage vs Thomson as she had 1,7 million and Thomson 700k. In the final hand all the chips went into the middle, when Thomson shoved the river and Rich made the call on a board. Thomson showed for trip sixes, but Rich had turned a flush with and Thomson was eliminated in 2nd place.

Angelina Rich takes home $25,905 and the coveted gold ring for an amazing run. Huge Congrats.

Photo: Angelina Rich, Aussie Millions.

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