Aussie Millions: Marsha Waggoner Runner-Up and Maria Ho 5th in HORSE Event


The women down under have come off to a great start at the Aussie Millions. First Xuan Liu finished runner-up in a 6-max NL event for $71,500 and today the final table of the $2,500 HORSE event, that saw Marsha Waggoner and Maria Ho among the final five standing, played down to a champion.

Even though the event only had 37 entries the competition was tough, which the final table reflected. Jonas Mackoff had just made the final table of an 8-game event a few days before and Jan Suchanek has several mixed games titles under his belt. The odds of winning were not exactly in Ho’ and Waggoner’s favor as they were both short stacked entering the final table:

Seat 1: Maria Ho – 15,900
Seat 2: Jonas Mackoff – 207,400
Seat 3: Trung Tran – 25,600
Seat 4: Jan Suchanek – 139,600
Seat 5: Marsha Waggoner – 56,000

Unfortunately Ho was the first player to be eliminated in a round of stud vs Waggoner. On fifth street Ho was all in with a pair of nines ( )( ) vs. Waggoner’s deuces ( )( ). On sixth street Waggoner picked up to give her two pair and when Ho was not able to improve, she was knocked out in 5th place for $7,500.

A very short stacked Trung Tran was the next to go and with three players left Waggoner had 65k, Suchanek 140k and Mackoff 240k, and Waggoner was going to be even more short stacked. In a hand of limit holdem vs. Mackoff Waggoner was left with only 6,000 in chips, when Mackoff turned over two pair at showdown and she mucked her hand.

Fortunately Waggoner tripled her stack in a round of omaha hi-lo, where she was all in with her remaining 5,900 in chips and was called by Suchanek and Machoff. Waggoner hit a full house on the river to scoop the pot.

A couple of hands later Waggoner tripled up again. The action began with Waggoner raising from the button. Jonas Mackoff 3-bet and Suchanek cold called in the big blind. The flop came and the action checked to Waggoner, who bet her last 5,700. Both Suchanek and Machoff called. The  landed on the turn and Mackoff checked. Suchanek now bet 12,000 and Mackoff folded. Suchanek showed and Waggoner . With a set of kings Suchanek was in bad shape vs Waggoner, who had the nut flush for the lead in the high and had already locked up half for the low. Suchanek needed to pair the board for half, but the on the river saw Waggoner more than triple up to 80,000 in chips.

Jan Suchanek was eliminated in 3rd in a hand of razz vs. Mackoff and suddenly Waggoner was heads-up for the title. Going into heads-up play Waggoner had a huge chip disadvantage as she was sitting with only 100k and Mackoff with 340k. But Waggoner proved that she was not going to let Mackoff chip away and in a hand of razz with Mackoff betting on every street Waggoner called all the way to seventh with jack low, which was good against Mackoff’s queen low. Waggoner was now up to 210,000 in chips vs Mackoff’s 230,000.

After aggressive play during the holdem round Waggoner had grabbed the chip lead, but not for long as Mackoff bounced back in omaha hi-lo and razz. In the final hand of the event, a round of stud, Waggoner’s two pair ( )( () was not enough against Mackoff’s set of fours, which he made on sixth street ( )( )().

The Australian Poker Hall of Famer takes home $21,225 for an impressive run. Congrats!

Photo: Marsha Waggoner/Maria Ho, Aussie Millions

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