Aussie Millions: Xuan Liu Runner-Up in 6-Max Event


Last week the popular Aussie Millions in Melbourne kicked off and four events are already in the books. Event 4 was a 6-max $1,150 NL tournament that attracted 496 players. On Day 2 of the event only 13 players returned to take their seats at the Crown Casino – among them member of Team 888poker Xuan Liu. Bobby Zhang entered Day 2 as the chip leader with 680,000 in chips, while Liu had a little under average, 312,000. WSOP bracelet winner Craig McCorkell and Michel Bouskila, who won the event two years ago, were also among the players dreaming of the $107,000 up top.

For McCorkell and Bousilka it was a short day though as they were both eliminated early, Bouskila in 12th place and McCorkell in 10th. Meanwhile Liu’s stack kept growing and with aggressive play she was soon among the chip leaders. A big hand versus Bobby Zhang saw Liu grab the chip lead. The action started, when Zhang opened to 32,000 from the button. Liu, who was in the small blind, 3-bet to 82,000 and the big blind folded. Back to Zhang who 4-bet to 182,000 and received an all in from Liu in reply. Zhang mucked his hand and Liu was now the first player over 1 million in chips.

Down to five players Sean O’Reilly had taken over the chip lead from Liu after knocking out two players, Alexander Debus and Adam Jarvis. O’Reilly kept the pressure on and with four players left he had accumulated around 3 million in chips, while Liu was sitting with 1 million and the two short stacks – David Urban and Bobby Zhang – had around 400k.

David Urban was crippled in a hand vs Liu, where the Canadian pro called Urban’s bet on flop and turn before finally moving all in on the river on a scary board of . Urban folded and was left with only 260k. Soon after Urban was gone in 4th place. After getting it in good vs O’Reilly, Bobby Zhang was eliminated in 3rd place, when his was outdrawn by O’Reilly’s that made two pair.

Now it was heads-up between O’Reilly and Liu. Xuan Liu entered heads-up play with only 775k in chips vs O’Reilly’s massive 4,150,000. In the final hand of the event O’Reilly shoved from the button with and Liu made the call and was out in front with . The flop came , which gave O’Reilly a pair of deuces. But the on the turn saw Liu grab the lead with only one card to come. Unfortunately for Liu the river was the to once more give O’Reilly two pair.

Liu took home $71,500 for an amazing run and promised her fans that they could expect “more to come” as Aussie Millions continues until February 2:

Photo: Xuan Liu, Aussie Millions

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