Christina Lindley: “I Am Super Competitive”

ChristinaLindleyWhen Black Friday hit on April 15, 2011, pokerpro Christina Lindley was in her home in Las Vegas. Devastated. At that time Lindley was primarily an online player, and she was pretty much crushing. In 2009 she was runner-up in a FTOPS event for $106,460, and in 2010 she won a WCOOP event for $127,000, just to name a few of her larger scores.

After Black Friday Lindley began to travel to Mexico and Canada to continue her online career. When online poker was legalized in Nevada in the fall of 2013, Lindley was signed as a pro for acePLAYpoker/Stratosphere.  At the same time she was chosen as one of the World Poker Tour’s “One to Watch” together with the likes of Jeff Gross, Loni Harwood and Aaron Massey. With this focus Lindley started to play more and more live and to travel to tournaments around the world. For the last year she has mainly played live, and with more than $440,000 in live tournament earnings, the once so feared online player is now a force to be reckoned with at the live tournament tables.

PokerWomenNews caught up with Lindley to hear about her summer at the worlds largest live tournament series, the World Series of Poker.

How many years have you played at the WSOP?
This was my fourth summer at the WSOP.

Why did you decide to play the WSOP this year?
Being a professional poker player, playing the WSOP is pretty much a given every summer. The WSOP is one of the best value times of the year, with tournaments every day that have over 500k to first place for as small as 1k buyins.

What expectations did you have at the start of the series? And were they fulfilled?
My expectations for the series were the same as every year: to play my best, eat healthy, study any day I’m not playing, get good rest and produce results. Deep runs in tournaments follow that routine. I had three deep runs and cashes this summer. Unfortunately, I busted before the real money kicked in. Tournaments are really swingy, so as long as I know I did everything within my power to win, I consider my expectations to be fulfilled.

How many events did you play and how did you run?
I played 20 events I believe including the Main Event. It seemed like the thing that got me in the majority of the events, that I had deep runs in, was the high equity flips for all the chips with 70 players left. I just never won that flip all summer, unfortunately.

Did you play in the Ladies Event?
I played the Ladies Event, and had a really good time. I made the money, and enjoyed a really nice dinner with several other female pros on day 1. It was fun having a ladies night out in the middle of a tournament for dinner break.

Lindley with friends

Christina Lindley on dinner break in the Ladies Event with Loni Harwood, Cherish Andrews, Melissa Burr, Esther Taylor-Brady, Erika Sands, Jessica Rey and Eboney Kenney. Photo: private.

What was the most fun this summer?
The most fun I had this summer was playing in the 1k turbo. I am especially strong with push fold preflop ranges.  I went the deepest in this particular tournament, only to bust in a three way all in with Aces obviously, and go out somewhere around 50th. The guy who won the flip won the bracelet though, so for some reason that made me feel better about the knockout.

What was the worst?
The worst was getting close to the money in the Main and busting with a pair to some broadway hand. Bubbling is not fun, Christina Lindley says with a smile.

You are among the 4-5% women at the WSOP. How is it often to be the only woman at the table?
I love playing poker, anytime, anywhere. I really do not give much thought at this point in my career to being a woman at the table. I am just a poker player, that simple.

What are your plans for the rest of the year poker wise?
Last year, I was able to really play live on the WPT for the first time and truly follow the tour. They had chosen me as a “Ones to Watch”, along with 6 other pros. There was a competition between the “Ones To Watch” to see, who won the most over the season. I am SUPER competitive, so I made it my goal to really play everything and win, which I did. I am looking forward to Season 13, and intend to improve on my performance last year. I’m pretty excited to see what happens, and working towards bringing home a title.

This is part six of our series “My summer at the WSOP”. Check out the previous interviews with Jamie Kerstetter, Maggie Morris, Nancy Birnbaum, Jackie Glazier and Ruth Graham.

Photo: The Venetian, when Christina Lindley took down the 1,100 No-Limit Hold’em $200,000 Guaranteed Main Event in February 2014 for $71,743.


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