Corinne Bauchet Made the Final Table of Estrella Poker Tour Barcelona

Corinne Bauchet2They started out 2,560 players and today they were playing down to a winner. The large field at Estrella Poker Tour Main Event in Barcelona created at huge prize pool with healthy €393.354 on top for the winner.

One of the players in contention for the prize and the glory was French poker player Corinne Bauchet. Unfortunately Bauchet entered the final table as the short stack with only 12 big blinds, and she was up against tough opponents like PKR pro Simon Hemsworth and Canadian pro Andrew Chen.

With only 12 big blind left Bauchet was in desperate need of a double. For the first couple of orbits, she stayed patient and down to around 10 big blinds, she was all in for her tournament life with . Bauchet got two callers, and she didn’t look too happy when she saw, that Daniel Barriocanal had called with and Andrew Chen with . The flop brought the and Chen was still in front with his pair of nines. The turn prevailed a miraculous to give Bauchet a straight, and the on the river didn’t change anything. With the much needed triple up, Bauchet was back in contention.

First man out was Simon Hemsworth and soon after the Hungarian player Bela Toth was sent to the rail. Down to seven players Bauchet stayed patient. When she found AK in the hole, she shoved and was called by Nir Levi, who had picked up a pair of eight. Flop and turn did not help Corinne, but fortunately an ace on the river prevailed to keep Bauchet alive in the tournament.

Andrew Chen was getting short and when he shoved with A3, Bauchet made the call with a pair of sevens. But this time it was Chen who caught an ace on the river.

Local hero Daniel Barriocanal was knocked out in 7th place and Andrew Chen followed soon after, when his AT was up against Vladislav Donchev’s pair of deuces and failed to improve. Meanwhile Bauchet was getting real short, and when she picked up AJ she was all in. She got called by Matías Ruzzi with a pair of fours, and the board did not improve her hand.

For her 5th place finish Bauchet received €91,500. Not a bad payday for a €1,100 buy-in. Congrats to Bauchet for her deep run.

The Argentine Matías Ruzzi went on to win tournament with Bulgarian Vladislav Donchev as runner up.

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