Danielle Andersen Messin’ With the Big Boys

danielle-andersen-dmoongirlThe latest episode of the poker TV show Poker Night in America features cash game player Danielle “dmoongirl” Andersen in a line-up that includes Tom Schneider, Gavin Smith, Greg Merson, Jason Somerville and David “ODB” Baker. The stage is Maryland Live and the minimum buy-in is $5,000 with blinds at $25/$50. In the highly entertaining episode we watch Andersen play a number of great hands.

The entertainment starts right away, when 4-time bracelet winner Tom Schneider raises to 125 with and WSOP Main Event champion Greg Merson calls with on the button. Andersen has picked up in the small blind and she raises to 500. Schneider calls and Merson folds.

The flop brings and fireworks are bound to fly with both players hitting sets. Andersen bets out 625 and Schneider calls. The turn is the and Andersen now elects to check with her quad queens. Schneider fires 1,200 with his turned full house and Andersen just calls.

The river is the which brings the third spade on board. Andersen checks a second time and Schneider, who must certainly love the possibility of Andersen holding a flush, bets 1,900. When Andersen announces all-in Schneider snap-calls and sees the bad news. “Easy game. Just quads”, Andersen says with a smile and rakes in the $10,075 pot.

Hero call works out
In another hand Andersen raises to 150 from the cut-off with . David “ODB” Baker calls in the small blind with and so does Schneider in the big blind with . The flop comes and all three players check. The turn is the and once again it goes check check.

The river brings the and David Baker now bets out 450 and jokingly says “I had to get something out of this pot. Somebody might have ace high or a three”. Schneider folds his pair of sixes, but Andersen is not a believer and she calls with ace high and wins the small pot. Baker goes “Wow”, while Schneider dryly says “Don’t worry I laid down the best hand”.

You can watch the full episode below, where the member of Team Ultimate Poker also shares her opinion about women in poker.

Photo: Danielle Andersen, Ultimate Poker.

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