Danielle ”dmoongirl” Andersen Takes Third in Poker NV Fall Challenge

danielle-andersen-dmoongirlAt the start of the second and final day of the $1,1000 Poker NV Fall Challenge Main Event at Peppermill Reno, Danielle “dmoongirl” Andersen was in great shape to make the final table. Out of the remaining 52 players Andersen was second in chips with 272,100. Only Ivan Holmes had a little more, 275,000.

But Andersen was not the only woman, who had made it so far as Deborah Swift, Dee Timmons, Mary Riley and Candace Collins were returning for Day 2 as well.

Andersen came off to a good start and gained the chip lead:

But there was a long way to go as only 27 players got paid. After a couple of hours Andersen lost a chunk of her stack, when she ran into Joe Barry’s aces, and a little later she lost a big pot, when she hit two pair on the flop and her opponent rivered a flush for a 200,000 pot. Andersen was full of confidence though and tweeted: “All good. Wouldn’t be fair to give me all the chips so early”.

With 28 players remaining Andersen had build up her stack, and she was responsible for sending bubble girl Dee Timmons to the rail. With 95,000 chips left Timmons was all in and Andersen called. Timmons showed a pair of kings, while Andersen had A7. The A7J-flop gave Anderson two pair and unable to improve Timmons was sent home in 28th place.

The Final Table
Down to the 10-handed final table Andersen (859,000) and Ivan Holmes (1,094,000) were once again the chip leaders. The first eliminations came quick and with six players left the two big stacks at the table were involved in a raising war. After a 3-bet from Andersen, Holmes responded with a 4-bet, which eventually saw Andersen move all in. Holmes insta-mucked and Andersen gained the chip lead with a stack of 1,5 million, while Holmes slipped to 750,000.

Rich Le Bleu was eliminated in 6th place, and soon after Ivan Holmes was out in 5th place. Jerry Morell was the next to go in 4th place, and down to only three players Andersen was chip leader with WPT-champion Steve Brecher and Steve Foutty not far behind. And chop was discussed, but the players were not able to reach an agreement and play continued.

On her last hand of the night Andersen 4-bet all in after a raise to 65,000 from Steve Brecher on the button. Brecher called and showed AT and Andersen was in bad shape with A3. Unfortunately the board did not improve Andersen’s hand and she was knocked out in third place. Andersen received $22,260 for her deep run:

Steve Brecher took down the title and $46,427, while runner up Steve Foutty collected $43,613 for his effort. Besides Dee Timmons, Candace Collins, Deborah Swift and Mary Riley all fell short of the money. However Dee Timmons finished 4th on the overall leader board for $2,000 and Deborah Swift took 6th for $1,500.

Photo: Danielle Andersen, Ultimate Poker

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