Ema Zajmovic Makes Third WPT Final Table

Ema Zajmovic, who became the first woman to win an open WPT Main Event in 2017, when she won partypoker.net WPT Playground, has done it again! Made another WPT final table, her third, and this time in Amsterdam.

Heading into the final day of play Zajmovic will enter the final table second in chips. Only Rens Feenstra from the Netherlands has more. Much more. Feenstra sits with around 50% of the chips in play. The final six players are:

Seat 1: Louis Salter, United Kingdom: 664,000 (33bb)
Seat 2: Rens Feenstra, Netherlands. 2,949,000 (147bb)
Seat 3: Ema Zajmovic, Canada: 793,000 (40bb)
Seat 4: Paul Berende, Netherlands: 576,000 (29bb)
Seat 5: Firoz Mangroe, Netherlands: 450,000 (23bb)
Seat 6: Gary Miller, United Kingdom: 791,000 (40bb)

Zajmovic recently took home the Moment of the Year Award at the American Poker Awards. Can she take home another WPT title in Amsterdam as well, and make history again?

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