Ema Zajmovic Runner-Up in WPT Amsterdam

In the modern era of poker a few female accomplishments stand out:

* Vanessa Selbst winning three WSOP Bracelets and back-to-back NAPT Mohegan Sun titles.
* Kristen Bicknell and Loni Harwood taking home two gold bracelets each.
* Victoria Coren winning two EPT Main Event titles – and being the first player to ever do so.
* Maria Lampropulos winning the PCA Main Event.
* And last but not least Ema Zajmovic being the first woman to win an open WPT Main Event title.

Ema Zajmovic made poker history with her victory in WPT Playground in 2017, and today at WPT Amsterdam the Canadian had a shot at making history for the second time as she had made the six-handed final table.

Coming into the final day of play Zajmovic had already outlasted more than 200 players, and considering the fact that she was second in chips behind chip leader Rens Feenstra we liked her chances.

Down to heads-up play it was exactly Zajmovic and Feenstra who battled it out for the title, the glory and the €156,370 ($192,335) up top. But first Paul Berende, Louis Salter, Gary Miller and Firoz Mangroe had to be eliminated. What followed was a rollercoaster ride with the two players changing the chip lead back and forth. At one point Zajmovic was sitting with 53 big blinds vs. Feenstra’s 9 bb, the next they were almost even, and then Feenstra was suddenly the player with a commanding chip lead.

With the blinds ever-increasing Feenstra won a huge pot with the nut straight against Zajmovic’s lesser straight, and in the final hand Feenstra moved all in with and was called by Zajmovic with that did not improve.

Even though Zajmovic did not win her second WPT title her runner-up finish is a huge accomplishment in itself. With three WPT final tables within 18 months Ema Zajmovic has proved that she is not a one-hit wonder, but at player we can expect a lot from in the future – maybe also a second WPT title.

Zajmovic took home €100,260 ($123,320) for her second place finish.

Photo: WPT Amsterdam

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