EPT Barcelona Main Event Day 4: Last Woman Standing Eliminated

post-640-052-imageOnly two women remained, when Day 4 of EPT Barcelona Main Event kicked off at noon today. From the starting field of 1496 entries only 102 players had survived with the dream intact, among them world class players like Mike McDonald, Davidi Kitai, Martin Finger and Dominik Panka – just to name a few.

Sveva Libralesso from Italy and Karin Bruteig from Norway were the two last women standing, and they were not going to surrender without a fight.

Sveva Libralesso entered the day as a short stack with only 24 big blind. Down to around 19 big blinds she picked up and was all in. Unfortunately for Libralesso Bram Haenraets had found in the hole, and he made the call. The board came and Libralesso doubled up to 352,000 with her set of tens.

One hour later Miguel Garcia from Spain moved all in and both Libralesso and British player Mark Wagstaff called. Wagstaff had the two other players covered. Garcia had , Libralesso and Wagstaff . The board brought no miracle card for Libralesso this time and she was eliminated in 82nd place for €13,200.

Karin Bruteig was now the last woman standing. The poker playing real estate agent from Oslo, Norway, had started the day with 405,000 in chips (average 440k). After the second break of the day Bruteig was moved to the TV table and it didn’t take long before she was all in.

The action started when Dominik Panka, who won the PCA back in January, raised from the button and was 3-bet by Diogo Miranda in the small blind. Bruteig in the big blind responded with an all in for her last 167,000 in chips (10 bb). But that did not stop the action as Panka and Miranda got into a raising war which ended when Miranda six-bet all in and was called by Panka.

Unfortunately Bruteig was up against two strong hands with her as Miranda had picked up and Panka . The board came , and Panka eliminated both players. For her 52nd place finish Bruteig received €20,300.

With both Bruteig and Libralesso out of the tournament, we will end our coverage of the EPT Main Event. Stay tuned for a recap of Day 1 of the €10,300 High Roller tomorrow.

Photo:  Karin Bruteig, no.gaminghill.com.

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