EPT High Roller Day 1: Selbst in Top 20 After Three-Way All in

Vanessa Selbst03The EPT Poker Festival in Barcelona keeps breaking one record after the other, and yesterday was no exception as the €10,300 High Roller saw a total of 378 entries! The previous record was set in Vienna last season, when the €10,300 High Roller attracted 141 unique players and 40 reentries. What the final number of entries will be in Barcelona, we have to wait and see as the registration is open until noon today.

Among the 292 unique players who signed up to play were French pro Gaëlle Baumann and three-time bracelet winner Vanessa Selbst.

Vanessa Selbst did not come off to a good start. The PokerStars pro was involved in a big hand vs. Mexican player Angel Guillen. On a board of Guillen from the small blind bet out 16,400, and Selbst on the button went into the tank. She finally called, but mucked her hand when Guillen turned over . The pot left Selbst with 22,000 in chips from a starting stack of 50k.

Whether Selbst reentered during the day is not clear, but at the end of the night she was involved in a three-way all in vs. Mark Teltscher and Jeff Rossiter. The action started when Teltscher opened to 3,200 from the cutoff. Rossiter shoved around 27,000 from the button, and Selbst in the small blind reshoved for 67,000. Teltscher made the call and the cards were turned over. Teltscher showed , Rossiter , while Selbst had . The flop was the , and when the turn and river bricked Selbst with her set of eights had eliminated Rossiter and left Teltscher with a short stack.

Selbst ended the day with 205,000 in chips, enough for a place in top 20.

Gaëlle Baumann also survived the day. The French pro had build her stack up to 80k at the last break of the night, and on Twitter she promised to play aggressive the two last hours:

80k au dernier break. On attaque les deux dernières heures de jeu.

Baumann finished the day with 90,900; a little under the average stack of 107,386.

The best of luck to both Baumann and Selbst on Day 2 og the High Roller.

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