EPT London Day 2: Can Liv Boeree Pull a Coren?

Liv Boeree3Day 2 of the European Poker Tour London saw 370 players return to take their seats. They were the remaining players from the two Day 1 starting flights, that had 675 entries in total. Some of the very best players in the world returned on Day 2, including Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Theo Jørgensen, Eugene Katchalov, Jason Mercier, Marvin Rettenmaier, Chris Moorman, Daniel Colman and Sam Trickett.

They were joined by a lot of great female players like Liv Boeree, Victoria Coren, Leo Margets, Fatima de Moirera de Melo, Ana Marquez, Sofia Lövgren, Jennifer Shahade and Louise Duffy. However, in contrast to the Main Event at WSOP APAC, only a few of the female players survived the day.

PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree has the best position for going deep in the event as she finished the day with a stack of 230,300, average is 150,000. At one point Boeree was chip leader with 300,000 in chips – more than three and a half time average. Boeree, who started the day with 102,400 in chips, began climbing to the top after a big pot vs. French player Guillaume Diaz. On a board of all the chips went into the middle. Diaz showed and was way behind Boeree’s for a turned flush. A meaningless sealed the deal, and the large pot was pushed to Boeree, who was now sitting with a stack of 175,000.

Boeree gained the chip lead after a hand vs. Ana Marquez. On a board of the Spanish pro had moved all in with for around 40,000 with 30,000 already in the pot. Liv Boeree made the call with , and Marquez now had to catch the remaining queen in the deck for quads or a jack, ten or a five for a full house. The river was the and Boeree sent Marquez to the rail. The pot saw Boeree’s stack grow to 240,000, close to her end of the day chip count.

Swedish Team 888pro Sofia Lövgren made it to day 3 with 84,800 in chips, nearly the same amount she started the day with, that is 83,400. Lövgren was up to 175,000, but took a big hit, when her aces were cracked, which saw her stack shrink to 115,000. On Twitter Lövgren described Day 2 as a “rollercoaster day”.

Fatima de Moreira de Melo spent most of the day nursing a short stack. She started the day with 37,500 in chips and finished with just a little more: 56,400 (23 bb).

Apart from Boeree, Lövgren and de Melo none of the aforementioned female players survived the day. This means that Victoria Coren will not be in contention for her third EPT title, even though she started the day with healthy 115,000. The usually good natured and humorous Coren described her day as “really awful” and “not fun”:

At least Coren has her fellow Team Pro’s, Liv Boeree and Fatima de Melo, to rail tomorrow. And with Coren out of contention it would be so much fun, if Boeree was able to follow in Victoria Coren’s footsteps.

In 2006 Coren was the first woman to win an EPT title and the historic win took place in – London. This year Coren made history once more, when she won her second EPT title in San Remo and was the first players to ever accomplish this. Liv Boeree on her behalf had her breakthrough in San Remo, where she was crowned champion in 2010. The question that will find an answer in the next couple of days is: Can Liv Boeree pull a Coren?

Day 3 will resume Wednesday at 12.00 local time.

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