EPT London Main Event Day 3: Fatima de Melo Cripples Liv Boeree

Guns & CardsDay 3 of the European Poker Tour Main Event saw 127 players return out of a total of 675 entries. 32 of them would leave empty-handed as 95 players got paid. Among the players at the start of the day were Sam Trickett, Betrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Benny Spindler, Johnny Lodden, Mickey Petersen, Jake Cody, Kevin MacPhee and Chris Moorman.

Team Pokerstars pro Liv Boeree, Team SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo and 888poker pro Sofia Lövgren were also alive at the start of the day and dreaming of the £499,700 on top for the winner.

EPT San Remo-champion Liv Boeree had the best position of the three as she started the day with 230,300 in chips. De Melo returned with a short stack of 56,400 and Lövgren had 84,800. From the start of the day both Boeree and de Melo were seated at the feature table, and they were clashing more than once.

In level 16 with blinds at 2,000/4,000/500 de Melo had build her stack up to 224,500, sending Swedish player Kristoffer Edberg to the rail on her way. The action started, when de Melo raised to 8,000 from the cutoff and received a call from Boeree in the big blind. The flop came and Boeree check-called a bet of 9,000. The hit the turn and de Melo now bet 14,000 and Boeree called once again. The river was the and now both players checked. Boeree turned over and de Melo showed to win the pot with a rivered pair of sevens. Boeree was now sitting with 170,000 in chips vs. De Melo’s 250,000.

A big pot against Alexander Trevallion, where de Melo got it in good with a pair of aces vs. Trevallion’s AK, saw de Melo’s stack grow to 380,000. In level 18 de Melo got the better of Nicholas Markou, when he shoved for 110,000 from the big blind with A8 and de Melo made the call with AQ. While Markou was eliminated, de Melo kept climbing and was now up to 528,000 in chips.

In the last level of the night Boeree and de Melo were clashing again. The action began, when Boeree raised before the flop and de Melo 3-bet. Boeree made the call and the flop landed . Boeree check-called a bet from de Melo and the turn brought the . Boeree checked and de Melo now bet 70,000 and Boeree called once more. The on the river saw Boeree check again just to have de Melo move all in. According to the PokerStars blog, Boeree snap-folded, and it proved to be a good fold as de Melo had picked up queens. Boeree said she had folded a pair of jacks. De Melo now had 490,000 in chips, while Boeree had slipped to 378,000.

At the end of the night de Melo lost a big pot against Jonas Launck. The action started, when Launck raised to 16,000 UTG. De Melo, who was on the button, 3-bet to 35,000 and Launck called. The flop came and Launck check-called a bet of 36,000. The on the turn saw de Melo putting the pressure on with a bet of 70,000. Launck tanked for a while, but ended up calling. The river brought the and both players checked. Launck showed and de Melo mucked her hand. De Melo was now down to a stack of 300,000.

In spite of the fighting and the ups and downs both de Melo and Boeree were able to survive the day. The two PokerStars pros are thus among the 36 players that will return on Day 4. De Melo finished the day with 279,000, average is 562,500, while Boeree found herself at the bottom of the chip count with 156,000. Sofia Lövgren did not survive the day and was eliminated in 85th place for a min-cash of £7,750.

Play will resume Thursday at 12.00 local time, where they will play down to 16 players. Jakub Mroczek from Poland is the overwhelming chip leader with 1,790,000.

PokerWomenNews wishes Boeree and de Melo the best of luck tomorrow. And please, try not to knock each other out!

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