EPT Prague Main Event Day 4: Vanessa Selbst in Strong Contention for the Title

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A record-breaking field of 1,107 players signed up to play in the two starting flights of EPT Prague Main Event, but when Day 4 started on Monday at noon only 61 players remained. Among them were well-known pros like Sam Grafton, George Danzer, Alexander Roumeliotis, Davidi Kitai, Vanessa Selbst and Tatiana Barausova – the two last women in the field.

On Sunday the players had made it into the money which also meant that Selbst regained the lead in the race for Player of the Year Ladies from Sam Cohen, and everything now suggests that Selbst will earn the honor for the third year in a row. And maybe she will earn even more, the title as EPT champion! She is in every possible way a strong contender for the Main Event title and coming into Day 4 the Team PokerStars pro had a top 10 stack, while former member of Team PokerStars Online Tatiana Barausova brought an above average stack to the tables.

Selbst was on the feature table and she was off to a great start, when she flopped a flush to eliminate Pavel Veksler in the first level of the day. Barausova was not so fortunate and she busted in the same level, when she was all-in with vs. Fabio Sperling’s and failed to improve. Barausova took home €16,970 for her 49th place finish.

Selbst was involved in a big pot with Panagiotis Papaisidorou. The action started when Papaisidorou bet 44,000 on at flop and Selbst called on the button. The turn brought the and Papaisidorou continued for 75,000. Selbst re-raised to 186,000 and Papaisidorou responded with a 3-bet to 370,000, which Selbst called. The river was the and Papaisidorou now elected to check. Selbst bet 190,000 and  Papaisidorou finally called. Selbst tabled for two pairs and Papaisidorou mucked his hand. Selbst was now up to 2,100,000 in chips.

An hour later Selbst was involved in a preflop raising war with Swedish pro Oscar Kroon. After calling a 4-bet from Kroon Selbst called a bet of 171,000 on a flop. Both players checked the on the turn, and when the prevailed on the river Selbst bet 360,000, which Kroon called. Selbst turned over and Kroon mucked his hand. The huge pot saw Selbst’s stack grow to 3,300,000.

At the end of the night Selbst unfortunately lost a big pot to Stephen Graner, when he hit a set of treys on the river. We don’t know what Selbst had, but the pot saw her stack shrink to 1,900,000 and she finished the day with 2,040,000 – 5th in chips out of the remaining 22 players.

Germany’s Fabio Sperling will enter Day 5 as chip leader with 4,357,000 in chips and next in line is Stephen Garner with 3,228,000, Sam Grafton with 2,610,00 and EPT Berlin Champion Davidi Kitai in fourth with 2,307,000.

Day 5 will start Tuesday at noon local time, where they will play down to the final table of six. PokerWomenNews wishes Vanessa Selbst the very best of luck and run good.

Photo: PokerStars

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