EPT Sanremo Day 2: Liv Boeree Still in the Hunt to Recapture the Title

liv boereeAt EPT Sanremo Liv Boeree still has a chance to win the title she took down four years ago, when she outlasted 1239 other players to win the biggest ever EPT field assembled in Europe. Besides the glory Boeree picked up a first prize of $1,250,000. With the win the multi-talented Boeree came on  everybody’s lips and she was soon after signed as a PokerStars Pro.

Now four years later the field has shrunk to 556 runners, less than half of the field in 2010. But Liv Boeree still has a chance to recapture the title as she survived day 1b. Boeree started day 2 as a short stack but was able to double up twice. Now three hours into day 2 she sits at the TV table with around 48,000 in chips, average is 65,000. The dream is still alive!

Another EPT winner and PokerStars Pro who made it to day 2 is Victoria Coren. During day 1b she was seated at a table where every hand took forever:

The slow play seemed to frustrate Coren, but in her usual humorous way she suggested a solution to the problem:

Nevertheless nothing implied that Coren found the time to read Tolstoy as she ended the day with a nice stack of 94k. French pro Gaëlle Baumann had a even better day at the office as she advanced to day 2 with 130,500 and in top of the leader board.

For a long time day 1 seemed to be the end for Vanessa Selbst. But there is much more at stake for Selbst than just this tournament. At the moment she is #2 on the EPT Player of the Year leader board, where only Ole Schemion has done better. With only Sanremo and the upcoming big finale in Monte Carlo left on the EPT scheme, Selbst is fighting the best she can to claim the title. So Selbst stuck and progressed to next day with 28k. Along the way she battled several times with the Chinese pro Kitty Kuo and ended up busting her, when they came all in and Kitty Kuo’s AK could not hold up to Vanessa Selbst’s QQ.

Other players that would not make it to day 2 include Norway’s Elisabeth Hille and Germany’s Natalie Hof.

 Photo: PokerStars



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