EPT Sanremo Day 3: Victoria Coren is in the Money

Here on day 3 at EPT Sanremo the players are now in the money. Playing level 17 right now, there are 63 players left, and Victoria Coren is still in the hunt for her second EPT title.

When she showed up this morning she was the only woman left in the tournament, which she described on Twitter:

With every player guaranteed at least €8,434 we can expect play to loosen up a bit. As PokerNews reported on their blog chip leader, the phenomenal Olivier Busqeut, told his table to “stop nitting it up”, while poker commentator and comedian Joe Stapleton seemed to be doing his to loosen up Coren:

Here at 5 pm Victoria Coren sits with a stack of around 120,000, average is 273,000.

Photo: PokerStars

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