End of Day 4 at EPT Sanremo: 15 Left and Victoria Coren is One of Them

vicky-coren_med hatAs play concluded on day 3 the field was cut down to 39 players with the Spanish pro Raul Mestre in front with 942,000 in chips. Plenty of notable players were still left, among them three former EPT winners: Michael Turenic, who won the EPT Copenhagen in 2011, Dimitar Danchew who took down PCA Main Event last year and Vicky Coren, who won EPT London in 2006.

Of the three Vicky Coren had the best possibility to reach the top as she was #16 before day 4 kicked off. When the day started Coren got a lot of support on Twitter by female pros, who wished her the best of luck, among them the new 888poker Team Pro Sofia Lövgren and fellow PokerStars Team Pro Vanessa Selbst

After four hours of play Coren’s chances looked even better as the field was reduced to 24 players. Coren was the only EPT champion left as both Michael Turenic and Dimitar Danchew had busted:

Earlier in the day according to PokerNews’  blog Vicky Coren was involved in a big pot in a blind on blind confrontation with Jordan Westmorland in the small and Coren in the big. After action on the flop, the turn was checked. On the river Westmorland bet 55,000 on a board of:

Coren then raised him to 110,000. Westmorland tanked for a long time before finally calling and mucking when Coren showed him for rivered trips. And Coren’s stack got bigger and bigger and culminated with 1.2 million, which only three other players could surpass at this point. But from then on Coren started to dip, losing small pots here and there. She was obviously card dead for a long time and maybe also a bit frustrated with the slow pace of play:

When they were finally down to the 16 players that will return tomorrow, Coren stack had dropped to 535,000 (22bb), average is 1,042,500. That puts her in a current position as #12. There are still some very strong players left in the field, as the Spanish pro Raul Mestre, Coren’s teammate Russian Alex Kravchenko, and the two well-known online players Stephen”stevie444″ Chidwick from UK, who’s been playing more live lately and doing great, and the current chip leader Jordan “JWPRODIGY” Westmorland.

Alle players will return tomorrow, where they will play down to the final eight. Let us give Coren the last and optimistic word:

Photo: PokerStars



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