Haixia Zhang: From Three Big Blinds to Bracelet Winner

2014 WSOP_EV53_DAY3

Yesterday the final table of the $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship played down to a winner. And when the dust had settled, it was business-owner, mom and recreational poker player Haixia Zhang, that prevailed.

The  final table was quite a short, but a very entertaining one. It did not take long before Patricia Cahill and poker pro Stacey Sullivan were sent to the rail in 9th and 8th place.  Sullivan proceeded to the commentary booth, where she told David Tuckman and all the viewers that Haixia Zhang at one point in the tournament had been down to only three big blinds, but had been able to chip up after three all ins in a row.

Kendra Wray was the next to go, when her was outdrawn by Zhang’s . Persia Bonella finished in 6th, when she was all in with against Meikat Siu’s and Siu caught a queen on the river. Patty Landis, who’s poker superstar Daniel Negraneau’s personal assistant, was sent to the rail in 5th place, when her pocket sixes ran into the pocket tens of Mikiyo Aoki. Elizabeth Montizanti was eliminated in 4th after her pocket treys failed to hold up against Zhang’s .

Three handed we saw a lot of aggressive play with three- and four-bets, and when Aoki finally had a hand, she was paid off by Siu. The action started when Aoki raised with Q2 from the small blind and Sui called out of the big blind with . On a flop Aoki bet 70,000, which Sui called. The turn was the  and Aiko bet 143,000. Sui raised all in and was drawing dead. Sui received $61,114 for her third place finish.

It was now heads-up between Aoki and Zhang, and it only took 11 hands before a winner was found. Zhang won a big pot, when she hit a straight against Aoki’s two pairs. Aoki was left with only 300,000, and in the next hand she shoved with and was called by Zhang’s . The board didn’t make any difference, and Zhang won the bracelet and the $153,470 in first prize money with jack high. Aoki took home $94,800 for her second place finish.

PokerNews caught up with the happy winner:

Congrats to the new champion Haixia Zhang and to runner-up Mikiyo Aoki .

Photo: WSOP

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