Jacquelyn Scott is 2015 Ladies World Poker Champion

2015 World Series of Poker

Barbara Enright, Jennifer Tilly, Susie Isaacs, Marsha Wolak, Starla Brodi, Nani Dollison, Lisa Hamilton, Kristen Bickell. The list of names of previous champions is impressive, and now we can add another name to the list: Jacquelyn Scott. Yesterday the 66-year-old part-time poker player and realtor won one of the most important tournaments of the poker year: the $10,000/$1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship.

The event saw 795 entrants from all over the world, including notables like Jennifer Tilly, Loni Harwood, Jen Shahade, Jamie Kerstetter, Jessica Dawley, Lacey Jones, Eboney Kenney, Kathy Liebert, Nicole Cervenka, Barbara Enright, Yuri Ishida, Maria Mayrinck, Kristy Arnett, and Allyn Shulman. But at the end of the first day more than 650 players were gone and only 121 advanced to Day 2.

Going into Day 2 Jacquelyn Scott was in the middle of the pack in 55th place, and when play concluded with only 10 players remaining she was in 5th place, with Russian player Lika Gerasimova in the top spot and Parm Mehmi in second.

It took around one hour of play before the official final table was set on Day 3 with Lisa Costello ($9,101) as the unfortunate final table bubble girl. Sandie Morse ($11,533) and Stephanie Ampelikiotis ($14,789) were the next players to be eliminated in 9th and 8th place. Stacie Boehm ($19,168) was sent to the rail in 7th place, when her A-K was outdrawn by Gerasimova’s 6-7.

Meanwhile Jacquelyn Scott was not afraid to put her tournament life at stake, and she shoved several times to give herself a chance to win the event. Six-handed she called an all in from Gerasimova with a pair of aces versus Gerasimova’s 10-9 – and received a double up to 400,000. A crippled Gerasimova ($25,135) was eliminated in 6th place not long after.

From this point on Scott opened with a lot of hands and kept applying pressure. Her aggression saw her catch up with the rest of the table, and the chip stacks were now fairly even. After the elimination of Parm Mehmi ($33,363) in 5th place, Scott lost a big pot to Hope Williams, when she called an all in on a flop of holding . Williams showed , and when neither a heart or a nine prevailed Williams doubled up. Fortunately for Scott she doubled up in the very next hand shoving with and spiking a deuce on the flop versus Li Fu’s .

After dinner break Scott kept running over the table and she sent Li Fu ($44,883) to the rail in 4th place with a rivered nut flush. Soon it was over for Amanda Seizemore ($61,268) as well and once more Scott was the terminator calling a shove from Seizemore with KJ vs. Seizemore’s QT – and held up.

Going into heads-up play Scott was way ahead with more than 3 million in chips against Hope William’s 820,000. After only 24 hands the battle was over. In the final hand of the event, Scott raised to 150,000 and Hope Williams moved all in. Williams was in front with vs. Scott’s , but a queen came on the river to eliminate Hope Williams in second place for $95,039.

After the win Scott said to the WSOP blog:

I think the Ladies event is really special. I’m used to playing mostly with men back at home, but decided to come out for the first time and play this. I was so impressed by the way everyone behaves and the kindness you see at the table. We talk among ourselves and really enjoy the atmosphere. Many women make this their one Las Vegas tournament of the year.

Congrats to our new Ladies World Poker Champion, Jacquelyn Scott. Besides the gold bracelet she takes home $153,876 for an incredible performance.

Photo: Jacquelyn Scott, World Series of Poker

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