Jennifer Tilly Sends Theo Jørgensen Into the Shark Cage

Shark Cage 3

In episode two of the televised poker show the Shark Cage, online qualifier Dana Dahms gets a chance to win one million US dollar. The 47-year old Canadian is up against a tough line-up consisting of Faraz Jaka, Scotty Nguyen, Theo Jørgensen, Jennifer Tilly and Philip Gruissem. Needless to say Jennifer Tilly completely steals the show in this highly entertaining episode.

From the start the tone is set with Tilly asking for “a glass of cold water and a shot of tequila”. However, Tilly seems determined to win the heat as only the winner of each heat gets a seat in the final. Tilly is off to a great start when she hits a flush on the river and gets Faraz “The Toilet” Jaka to pay her off with his two pair. In the very next hand she draws on her acting experience and bluffs Philip Gruissem off the best hand.

Especially between Danish Team PokerStars pro Theo Jørgensen and Tilly a lot of table banter is going on. The battle reaches its climax when Tilly sends Jørgensen into the shark cage.

The action begins, when Tilly raises to 35,000 with and Jørgensen calls with . The flop brings and both players check. Turn is the and it goes check check once more. The river is the . Now Jørgensen presses the “bluff” button underneath the table and bets 300,000. If Tilly folds her hand to the bluff, she has to go into the shark cage and sit out for an orbit. On the other hand if she calls, Jørgensen is the one to enter the cage. Tilly ends up calling and asks for “some shameful music” to accompany Jørgensen’s “walk of shame”.

You can watch how it all turns out and who ends up victorious in the episode below:

Photo: The Shark Cage, PokerStars.

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