Katie Dozier on Writing and Playing Poker

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Katie Dozier is known as a tough online grinder under the screen name “hotjenny314” and for playing a ton of tables at the same time. She is part of the power quartet The Grindettes together with Katie Stone, Jennifer Shahade and Jamie Kerstetter. She is also a video coach at PokerStrategy.com and DragTheBar.com and has published two books with her husband, poker pro Collin Moshman: The Superuser and Pro Poker Strategy: The Top Skills.

Recently she has taken up a new challenge: writing a young adult novel. We caught up with Katie Dozier, to ask the versatile poker pro a few questions about her novel, The Singer: Reality Girls Book One and the surprising connection between writing and playing poker.

What do writing and poker have in common for you?
First of all, I love them both! On a more practical level, I’ve found that they require much of the same type of discipline, focus, and studying. For both pursuits, it’s mandatory to learn the basics and then constantly be focused on improving.

Tell me about your novel and the publishing contract it is in contention for
The Singer: Reality Girls Book One is about a shy seventeen year old girl that faces many challenges, yet dreams of becoming a famous singer and winning a reality show competition. I’m thrilled that it was recently picked to have a campaign on Amazon’s Kindle Scout for possible publication.

Do you have an interest in singing?
I went to Florida State University wanting to become an opera singer! I still love to sing, especially to oldies while I grind online, but I didn’t just admit that!

This book is part of a series?
Yes, all the protagonists in my Reality Girls series will overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams by trying to win a reality show competition. Right now, I am planning The Chef: Reality Girls Book Two.

How can we help your chance of getting an Amazon Kindle Scout publishing deal?
Thanks for wanting to help! Nominations are a big part of which books get chosen by Kindle Scout for publication. Nominating my book is simple: just login to your Amazon account, then click to nominate me here. The more nominations I get, the better my chances of getting the publishing deal, so I really appreciate every nomination so much! Also, if you nominate my book and it is chosen for publication, then you’ll get a free copy when it’s released—in addition to my gratitude!

PokerWomenNews wish Katie Dozier the best of luck with getting published through Amazon’s Kindle Scout!

Learn more about the series here and follow Katie Dozier’s blog right here.

Photo: Katie Dozier’s cat Mr. Ed trying to help organize the manuscript.

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