Katie ”hotjenny314” Dozier: What Happened to the PokerStars Women Community?


In an open letter to the world’s largest poker site posted on February 21st on her blog, poker pro Katie Dozier shares her concern that PokerStars has downgraded its focus on women in poker.

For some time now it’s been evident that the former thriving PokerStars Women community has suffered a slow death. Dozier lists the following changes:


  • There are fewer women’s tournaments and satellites on PokerStars than there used to be.
  • There is very limited participation by PokerStars Pros in the $55 Women’s Sunday, including many weeks with one or zero Red Spades playing, and the bounty on these players was removed.
  • Perhaps consequently, the field size in the Women’s Sunday tournament has shrunk substantially.
  • The PokerStars Women section of your site seems to be mostly defunct, and this is how it has appeared to me for months (see the picture above).
  • The Women’s Sunday final table write-up no longer exists.
  • The freelance articles for PokerStars Women, which offered up unique perspectives from many different angles, have been cut.”

At PokerWomenNews we share Dozier’s concern, and as a blog with one focus – and one focus only – women in poker, it’s been frustrating to witness the changes at PokerStars. Where are the great articles on female poker players and different aspects of the game from a female perspective by freelance writers like Jennifer Newell? And the often entertaining and inspiring blogs? Why can’t we no longer recap the action of Women’s Sunday in final table write-ups?

Is this neglect due to a conscious choice? Are women playing poker no longer a priority for PokerStars? Or is it a pause before launching something even bigger at better for women in poker? We – of course – want to believe in the latter. Or as Katie Dozier puts it:

“You have the power to make the next great poker boom— through inspiring the 50% of the population that’s often overlooked in poker.”

Katie Dozier is playing under the screen name “hotjenny314” on PokerStars. She’s a member of the power quartet The Grindettes together with Katie Stone, Jennifer Shahade and Jamie Kerstetter. You can read all of Dozier’s open letter here

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