Kitty Kuo and Elizabeth Montizanti Make Shootout Final Table


The first final table at the World Series of Poker with two female players is a reality. Yesterday both Elizabeth Montizanti and Kitty Kuo won their second tables in Event #14: $1,500 Shootout. After winning their first tables on Thursday and advancing to Day 2 with 100 other players, Montizanti and Kuo went on to eliminate all competition yesterday, which guaranteed the two pros a seat each at the final table Saturday.

When the day began five women had made it to the second round of the shootout, besides Montizanti and Kuo Samantha Abernathy, E-Tay (Esther Brady) and Leena Carriere were ready for their second match.

Unfortunately E-Tay and Elizabeth Montizanti were seated at the same table, which of course meant that only one of the two pros had the opportunity of making the final table. How unfortunate the table draw really was became clear when E-Tay and Montizanti outlasted the rest of the table to battle it out heads-up. In the end Montizanti won the match when she rivered two pair to beat E-Tay’s lesser two pair and send E-tay the rail in 14th place for $5,413

Also Samantha Abernathy – who by the way was seated at the same table as Leena Carrier (26th place) – fell shy of the final table. Heads-up Abernathy met Daniel Strelitz, and in the final hand Abernathy shoved with a pair of treys and was called by Strelitz who had picked up ace-king. An ace on the flop sealed the deal, and Abernathy was eliminated in 17th place ($5,413).

Taiwanese pro, the always entertaining and upredictable, Kitty Kuo faced Franch player Guillaume Jenner in her heads-up battle. In the final hand all the chips went into the middle on a board of . Jenner who had turned a nine high straight with his woke up to the bad news that Kuo had turned a ten high straight with .

Barry Hutter, Randy Pfeifer and November niner Dennis Phillips also made the final shootout table. With both Montizanti and Kuo at the final table PokerWomenNews hope to see our first female bracelet winner of the year prevail today. We wish both Montizanti and Kuo the best of luck!

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