Kitty Kuo: ”I 4 Bet All in With AJ, He Instant Call With A9, Welcome to WSOP APAC”

KittyKuoDown Under Event #1, the $1,100 Accumulator, played down to its final table today. Unfortunately neither Sam Cohen or Yaxi Zhu were able to make it that far. Yaxi Zhu, who started the day as a short stack, was eliminated before the money, while Sam Cohen was knocked out in 50th place for a min-cash of $2,346.

Event #2, a $2,200 NLH tournament, kicked off today with 215 player, and a lot of notables at the tables: Phil Hellmuth, Jonathan Duhamel, Xuan Liu, Jonathan Little, Ryan Riess, Mike Leah, Vanessa Rousso, Kitty Kuo, Daniel Negraneu and Jackie Glazier, just to name a few.

Players started with 6,000 in chips and one hour blind levels. Taiwanese player and internet darling Kitty Kuo, who is no fan of turbo tournaments, tweeted that she loved the structure, and the love seemed mutual. Out of the many players listed above only Kitty Kuo was able to survive the day.

On Twitter Kuo shared a very interesting hand. The tournament had been running for a couple of hours, and Kuo was sitting with a stack of 12,000. When she found a pair of aces in the hole, she raised to 350 from UTG. A player, who had just been seated at the table, called from UTG + 1 after thinking about if for a long time. Three other players called too.

On a flop of T75 Kuo bet 700. The player UTG + 1 raised to 1,900 and the three players behind folded. Kuo went on to 3-bet shove as she was putting him on JJ or QQ. But see what happened:

Even though Kuo lost the hand, she must have been quite thrilled, and down to only 3200 Kuo was able to get the better of her opponent:

Kuo’s luck continued when she called an all in from the small blind with and was up against Gary Benson’s from the big blind. The board came and Kuo doubled up to 30,000.

A little later Kuo was all in with a pair of queens and was up against Corey Kempson’s aces. It didn’t look to good for Kuo, but once again she had the poker gods on her side and she rivered a flush to eliminate Kempson from the tournament. Kuo was now sitting with a stack of 55,000.

In one of the last hands of the night, Kuo sent a crippled Gary Benson to the rail, when she hit a straight on the flop.

Kitty Kuo finished the night with 45,500 in chips. Kuo’s boyfriend Russel Thomas was also able to make it to day 2 with a short stack of 13,000. Chip leader is Sam Ruha with 122,000, average is 41,613. The 33 remaining players will play down to the final nine tomorrow at 12:30 local time.

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