Kristy Arnett: “I Am Going to Play All Summer”


When the popular presenter, host and producer Kristy Arnett announced that she was going to stop working for PokerNews to pursue other dreams, a lot of people were sad to see her go. In a “farewell video” she posted on YouTube, she didn’t reveal much about her future plans, although it was clear that poker was still going to be a part of her life, but now from the other side of the camera and microphone as a poker player herself.

In an interview with Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis from the Thinking Poker Podcast, Kristy Arnett talks in more details about her plans:

”I knew that I wanted to play. I knew that I wanted to see how good I could get as a player if I really dedicated my time and effort to it, and you know I also have other ambitions including writing and fitness, so I just decided that I wanted to leave PokerNews, and then it just came down to timing.”

Kristy Arnett continues to talk about how much she looks forward to the WSOP and to spend the summer playing the series for the first time:

“I am going to play all summer. I don’t know how much is going to be tournaments and how much is going to be cash games, but I’m going to grind like hell this summer (…) I am really really excited, and I think that’s good, because a lot of people who have done the series for so many years in a row … well, I don’t know … I think I might experience the same thing as they do. You get super excited and then you realize how hard it is to grind every day, all the hours and everything. But I think maybe the excitement will last a little bit longer for me.”

Kristy Arnett is not expecting to win a bracelet any time soon, and her goal is “to learn a lot, and to just put my head down and grind. I want to play as well as I can and learn as much as I can, and get as much time in as I can.”

Women in Poker and Ladies Events

When Kristy Arnett looks at women in poker today, she thinks it´s an advantage to be a female poker player rather than a disadvantage in terms of sponsorships and “being able to capitalize when people automatically underestimate you at the table. I think that there’s a huge advantage to being a woman in poker now. Whereas before I did not see it as an advantage. Maybe I have changed my frame of reference (…) or it has actually changed. “

At the same time it can be quite tough to be the only woman at a poker table:

“I can never sit down at a table without it being like a thing. Someone has to say “oh there’s a girl on the table” or like “watch out”. And if I’m not smiling, there’s always someone being like “oh, why aren’t you smiling?” (….) There’s been so many times, when I’m at Aria and playing, that I have to hear the whole time about people commenting and judging women as they walk by.”

And that’s why Kristy Arnett supports ladies events:

“When people were making the argument against [ladies events] … saying “there is no need for ladies events. Women can be as good at poker as men.” I don’t need you as a man to tell me that we don’t need this, because I can be as good. I know  I can be as f…… good as you. What I’m saying is that women do have a different experience of sitting at a table (…) It’s just a different vibe when you can play with only women.”

You can listen to the rest of the interview with Kristy Arnett on the Thinking Poker Podcast here

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