New Team Online Pro: “I Would like to Inspire More Women to Play the Game”

katerina-malasidou_standingIn an interview Katerina Malasidou, the new Team Online member, talks about her way into poker and how her boyfriend poker pro André Coimbra taught her the game. Before turning pro Katarina worked as an accountant, a job she did not really like: “While I was working there, I was observing from the outside Andre’s life as a poker player, and he would get to travel. He would go to the Bahamas and send me photos of him at the swimming pool, sunny days, while I was in January, for example, I was locked inside an office, raining outside, no sunlight. I was a bit jealous of the lifestyle.”

Without really knowing the game Katarina quit her job: “It was at that particular moment, which was a turning point in my life. He (André Coimbra) couldn’t guarantee that I would win and make money out of it, but he said that he would help me and support me and that he really believed that I could actually make a living out of it and be good at it with his help.”

In the beginning Katarina played micro-stakes and studied the game a lot. Today she plays mid-stakes Hyper Turbo Satellites, but as the games are getting tougher and tougher, the edges are very small. On the other hand the superfast format makes it possible to play a lot of them and get some volume in.
“Because the edges are small, that makes the variance of them very, very big, so if you play like 1000, 5000 tournaments, that’s not a big enough sample to determine whether you’re in good or bad. You need many thousands of tournaments before you can say, “Okay, I’m doing this right” or “No, something is wrong here”.”

Katarina, who is a Supernova, is not aiming at Supernova Elite this years. That would require her to  play more tables as she explains: “I could try to increase the volume, but I think it’s much better as an option to try to improve my game and move up in stakes rather than go crazy by 30-tabling or something like that which is very hard. I would rather spend time on improving my game.”

Another goal of Katarina is to inspire more women to play poker: “because there aren’t that many playing compared to men, and it’s nice to see more girls at the tables. Apart from that, I just want to share my love for the game with everyone.”

You can read the whole interview with the sympathetic pro at here

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