Olga Iermolcheva Runner-up in LAPT Panama

Olga Iermolcheva2

Two months ago, Renata Teixeira made history when she finished runner-up in Latin American Poker Tour Chile for $113,460. No woman had ever made it so far in a LAPT Main Event before. Today Olga Iermolcheva from Ukraine was in a prominent position to go ever further and become the first woman to win a LAPT title.

The LAPT Main Event in Panama saw 422 entries, but when day 4 began only 8 players remained. Olga Iermolcheva entered the final table as chip leader with Canada’s Shakeeb Kazemipur in second place.

The two Americans at the table – Derek Ecennaro and Pierce McKeller – were the first casualties of the day. Both were eliminated by Kazemipur, who had taken over the lead after a huge pot vs Iermolcheva, where he turned a straight vs. Iermolcheva’s pair of deuces. Kazemipur was also responsible for eliminating the next player, Damian Salas from Argentina, in 6th place. Salas was all-in with pocket fives, but Kazemipur continued his hot streak and hit two pair with his A7.

Down to five players Iermolcheva called an all-in with a pair of nines vs Canada’s Francois Lincourt’s , and even though Lincour made a full house with sixes full of sevens it wasn’t enough as Iermolcheva made a better boat: sixes full of nines.

Francisco Rocha from Chile was sent to the rail in 4th place and Kazemipur was once again the executioner, and with three players left Kazemipur had 4.2 million, Iermolcheva 2.8 million and Tullio Bertoli from Venezuela 1.31 million. Three-handed Iermolcheva and Kazemipur tangled in several pots, which saw the Ukrainian regained the chip lead.

When Tullio Bertoli was eliminated in 3rd place with vs. Kazemipur’s pocket kings, the two final players were nearly even in chips.

Going into heads-up play Iermolcheva had 70 bb to her name and Kazemipur 67 bb. Unfortunately Iermolcheva didn’t come off to a great start. Kazemipur kept catching cards and hitting boards and little by little he over took the lead.

But the very focused Iermolcheva wanted otherwise and little by little she climbed back into the lead. The hyper-aggressive Kazemipur kept the pressure on, but Iermolcheva looked him up with the best hand on several occasions, and down to 1.5 million in chips Kazemipur was all-in with AK vs. Iermolcheva’s pair of jacks. Kazemipur spiked an ace on the flop to stay alive and double up.

In the final hand of the day Kazemipur limped with and Iermolcheva called with . The flop came and Iermolcheva checked her trip deuces and Kazemipur checked behind. On the turn Iermolcheva bet 200k and the Canadian called with his two pair. When an unfortunate fell on the river, all the chips went into the middle and Iermolcheva woke up to the bad news.

Olga Iermolcheva takes home $113,580 for her 2nd place finish. The 22-year-old Ukrainian has been playing poker for about four years. In August last year she won a side event at EPT Barcelona for $33,522. A month later she was selected as one of four protégés in a PokerStars campaign and received coaching from PokerStars pro Eugene Katchalov. Watching her play the final table of LAPT Panama it’s obvious that the protégé is certainly capable of standing on her own two feet now. Huge congrats to Olga Iermolcheva on her amazing performance.

Photo: Latin American Poker Tour Panama.

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