Patti Haggerty Takes 4th in $2 Million Gtd. Borgata Poker Open

Patty HaggertyFrom a female perspective the poker season has come off to a great start with a lot of striking results. First Natasha Barbour finished in 12th place out of 1,499 entries in the $10 million guaranteed Seminole Hard Rock Poker open. Then Thi Nguyen took third in the Montreal Festival Main Event with 1069 entries and yesterday Patti Haggerty finished fourth out of 4,158 entries in the $2 million guaranteed Borgata Poker Open.

Haggerty entered the final table of 10 players as one of the short stacks with 4,615,000 in chips (15 bb). The experienced tournament player Aaron Massey with more than $2 million in live tournament earnings was chip leader with 21,690,000. The remaining players were guaranteed at least 15k, but with 337k up top the pay jumps were huge.

Andrew Klein who started the final table with only 5 big blind was first man out, and only 10 minutes later Joseph Felice was sent to the rail, when he moved all-in for 2,540,000 with AJ and was called by Haggerty, who had picked up AQ. The best hand held up and Haggerty was now sitting with around 6 million in chips.

Haggerty was responsible for the next elimination as well. The action started when Kevin Grabel raised from late position to 1,2 million. Kane Kalas responded with an all-in from the button for just under 7 million and Haggerty in the big blind moved all-in as well. Grabel folded his hand and the cards were turned up. Kalas showed and Haggerty had . The board brought and Haggerty was now up to just under 14 million in chips – the third largest stack out of the remaining seven players.

Half an hour later Kevin Grabel was knocked out in 7th place for $50k. At this stage Aaron Massey was still chip leader (35 big blinds), while Haggerty had moved up as the second largest stack. But with the blinds at 300k/600k/50k anything could happen – and it did as Haggerty continued to knock out players.

Haggerty was getting pretty short and when she picked up she decided to move all-in. She was called by Alex Smith with on the button. The flop brought the to give Haggerty a set of threes and when the turn and the river bricked Smith was cut down to only 2,5 million in chips.

In the very next hand Alex Smith was all-in with his remaining chips and Pablo Alvarez re-shoved for 6,8 million. The action folded around to Haggerty, who made the call. The cards were turned up and Haggerty showed , Smith and Alvarez . When the board ran out and didn’t hit any of the players Haggerty took down the pot with the best hand and eliminated two players. With only four players left Haggerty was suddenly chip leader with around 26 million in chips.

Unfortunately the next big hand Haggerty was involved in saw her stack shrink to only 8 million. The action began when Haggerty raised to 3 million in the small blind with . Aaron Massey in the big blind had picked up and he went all-in with his remaining 15 million in chips. Haggerty went in the tank and finally called. When Massey’s hand held up Haggerty was down to only 8 big blinds.

In the next hand Haggerty moved all-in with the “Doyle Brunson” , but she did not have the same luck as The Godfather of Poker and was eliminated by Jonathan “Nolte” Evans with .

Congratulations to Patti Haggerty on her fourth place finish and the $118,981 paycheck for her awesome performance. On Twitter Haggerty thanked for all the support she had received along the way:

Jonathan “Nolte” Evans ended up winning the event with Aaron Massey as runner-up.

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