Q&A With Jamie Kerstetter: My Summer at the WSOP

Jamie_Kerstetter2The World Series of Poker 2014 is in the books, and both the pros and the recreational players are on to other things. Enjoying the summer or playing the next tournament or cash game. But now is also the time to digest and look back at the crazy, exhausting and surreal marathon no poker player would miss for anything: the World Series of Poker.

In the following weeks PokerWomenNews will catch up with some of the women, that played the WSOP and ask them about their experiences at WSOP this summer.

First one up is Jamie Kerstetter, the PartyPoker pro, who returned to New Jersey when online gambling went live in November 2013 – after spending two years in poker exile in Mexico. Kerstetter got $102,532 in WSOP earnings over the years.

How many years have you played at the WSOP?
Every year since 2009.

Why did you decide to play the WSOP this year?
I find it hard to miss the WSOP. The chance to play soft fields for lots of money and glory is too good to pass up.

What expectations did you have at the start of the series? And were they fulfilled?
I try not to have high hopes going into WSOP anymore. I expect to play well and make some runs, see a lot of friends that I don’t get to see during the year and have a lot of fun.

How many events did you play and how did you run?
I think about 20 events. I started out super hot, cashing 3/3 for a good chunk of money, then bubbled a couple and fizzled out.

Did you play in the Ladies Event? And what’s your view on women-only tournaments?
I didn’t get a chance to play the Ladies Event this year or last, because I was in day 2 of another tournament. I’ve really had a wide range of opinions over the last few years regarding Ladies tournaments. I’m of the opinion right now that if they help poker grow and get some new blood into poker, then let’s keep having them and promoting them.

What was the most fun this summer?
I made some really great friends this summer, and it may not sound so exciting, but some of the downtime just hanging out by the pool or grabbing a quick dinner break with people I care about were the happiest times this summer. And of course going to Stoney’s every Thursday with a pretty fun crew.

What was the worst?
Feeling the summer wind down and getting that “summer camp is over” feeling. Going back to the real world after WSOP is always a downer.

You are among the 4-5% women at the WSOP. How is it often to be the only woman at the table?
I feel really integrated into the poker world by this point and it doesn’t even cross my mind most of the time that I’m any different from the other players at the table.

What are your plans for the rest of the year poker wise?
I’m going to play a bunch of tourneys in the Midwest this month, at some places I’ve never been. I’m going to hit up an Hartland Poker Tour main event, then heading to Winstar and the RunGoodGear series in Oklahoma, before returning to Borgata in September for the WPT. I’ll play the whole PartyPoker Garden State series that runs concurrent.

Photo: WSOP

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