Rankings September: Major Changes in GPI Ladies and Player of the Year Ladies

rankingWith most of the poker community on vacation after the long grind at World Series of Poker, PokerWomenNews took a break from the monthly review of the rankings. But with EPT Barcelona, WinStarWorld’s River Series, Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open, WPT Cyprus and Borgata Poker Open the season has come off to a great start and it’s time for an update on Global Poker Ladies, Player of the Year Ladies and the Women’s All Time Money List.

GPI Player of the Year Ladies
When we last looked at the PoYL Top 20 we were in the middle of the WSOP, and the second half of the series was still to come. August and the start of September have been packed with tournaments as well, so it’s no surprise that the PoYL has seen some major changes, and in fact to a point where it’s almost unrecognizable.

One thing however is business as usual: Vanessa Selbst is still #1. But not far behind we find Sam Cohen in second place with only 64 points up to Selbst (#3 in June). Loni Harwood is #3 (#5) and Ronit Charmani has fallen down to #4 (#2). New in fifth place is Maria Ho, who climbs 12 spots from #17 in June. Ho had an amazing summer at the WSOP, culminating with her 77th place finish in the Main Event. Amanda Musumeci climbs the list too as she advances from #10 to #6.

And now the real fun begins as the rest of the list is packed with new names. Most notable Melissa Burr, who caught everybody’s attention at the WSOP with her four final tables and her 7th place finish in the Poker Players’ Championship. Burr enters the PoYL Top 20 for the first time and in eight place. It will be interesting to see if the mixed-games pro can keep her standing considering the fact that most of the tourneys out there are No Limit Hold’em tournaments.

Angela Prada-Moed, who was runner-up in Event #45 at the WSOP, is new in #11 and with Kitty Kuo not far behind in #12 due to her third place finish in the Hollywood Poker Open Championship. Newcomers are also Maggie Morris in #14, Allyn Jaffrey Shulman in #17, Lauren Kling in #18, Lynn Samples in #19 and Maria Mayrinck in #20.

Gone from the PoYL Top 20 are a lot of names that we have been used to see month after month, among them Celina Lin, Victoria Coren, Katherine Bowen, Jamie Kerstetter and Laurence Grondin.

GPI Ladies 25
If we take a look at the GPI Ladies 25, which tracks the live results over the past three years, Vanessa Selbst is still untouchable in first place. Ana Marquez who was second in June has fallen back to #6 and been replaced by Sam Cohen. Loni Harwood is in third place, which means that the first three spots on the Player of the Year rankings and the GPI Ladies are identical.

Maria Ho is in #4 (#8 in June) and Kitty Kuo in #5 (#6). It’s worth noticing that Kuo is No. 1 on the overall GPI Asia with John Juanda in second. Ronit Charmani, who seems not to have been very active at the poker tables lately, has fallen from #4 and all the way down to #11.

New names on the GPI Ladies are Melissa Burr in #10, Maggie Morris in #17 and Lauren Kling in #23. Jackie Glazier is back on the list in #23.

Celina Lin, Eboney Kenney, Jennifer Shahade and Katherine Bowen are no longer in top 25.

Women’s All Time Money List
With all the turmoil on the GPI you would think that the All Time Money List would look a little bit different. But that’s far from the case. With the huge live tournament earnings in top 20 it takes more than just a major score to change anything.

One thing is worth noticing though: Maria Ho has climbed two spots from #14 to #12 and now has $1,655,033 in live tournament earnings. This means Ho has overtaken Clonie Gowen and Lucille Cailly, who are currently #13 and #14.

You can view the full list of GPI Player of the Year Ladies, GPI Ladies 25 and the Women’s All Time Money List here.

Be sure to check our next monthly update in October.

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