Sam Cohen and Melissa Burr Made Final Tables But Could Not Seal The Deal

Melissa Burr med hatYesterday at the World Series of Poker, Event #29 and #30 crowned their winners, and it was with two well-known female players at the final tables.

Melissa Burr

In Event #30: $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Melissa Burr had a chance of hitting another final table and capturing her first gold bracelet. She had already had a taste for victory as she had reached the final table in Event #10: $10,000 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, where she finished 8th for $51,768.

On day 3 of the event 12 players remained, among them six-time bracelet winner Ted Forrest and online phenomenon Calvin Anderson. Burr was in a comfortable 5th place with 222,000 in chips. Unfortunately Burr took a big hit after only 30 minutes of play, when she got involved in a massive pot with Ted Forrest. Forrest tabled / / for at eight-five low and ace high, while Burr mucked her hand with xx/ / x.

The clash with Forrest left Burr with only three big bets. In spite of this, Burr was able to outlast not only Matthew Kelly, David Brooker and Robert Goldfarb, but also Ted Forrest, to secure herself a place at the final table. Burr was the short stack most of the time at the final table, and it was pretty impressive that she was able to survive as long as she did. Eventually she was knocked out by Joe Tehan. Burr had rivered jacks-up, but Tehan scooped the pot with a wheel for the low and a six-high straight for the high. Burr received $39,181 for her 5th place finish and promised to win the bracelet next time:

Calvin Anderson went on to win the event and his first bracelet.

Sam Cohen

Event #29: $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em saw 20 players return to play day 3, and it looked really good for Sam Cohen as she started the day in 4th place with 654,000 in chips. The eliminations came in quick order from the start, and after only two hours seven players were out of the event.

With 13 players left Cohen played a huge pot with David “Raptor” Benenfield, where all the chips were pushed to the middle. Cohen had picked up aces, while Benenfield had a pair of tens in the hole. Both players hit a set on the flop, and Benenfield looked for the one-outer he needed to win the pot, but it didn’t come, and Sam Cohen was suddenly the chip leader with 1,250,000 in chips.

With 10 players left Cohen took a big hit, when she was involved in a pot with Jamie Armstrong. The action opened, when Armstrong bet 50,000 from early position and Cohen called from the big blind. The flop brought and Cohen checked-called a 50,000 bet from Armstrong. The turn was the and Cohen checked again. Armstrong fired out a bet of 100,000, which Cohen called. When the completed the board, Armstrong bet 250,000 and Cohen called a final time. Cohen tabled for a full house, but it was no good as Armstrong held for a bigger boat.

Even though Cohen survived to reach the final table, she was not able to recover, and she got her last chips in with and was called by Justin Oliver with a pair of teens. Cohen was not able to improve, and she was eliminated in 9th place with a $38,244 paycheck.

The event was won by Pierre Milan, who captured his first gold bracelet. Jamie Armstrong finished runner-up.

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