Six Great Escapes According to Liv Boeree

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Are you spending to much time at the casino? Are you tired of traveling the circuit? Hanging out in noisy places with no real daylight? Why not try an escape to peace and the great outdoor life as PokerStars pro Liv Boeree sees it.

“Perhaps it was my rural upbringing, but I can quickly become irritable and depressed if surrounded by too much urbanisation and human activity without an outlet of the great outdoors”, Liv Boeree states in her new blog. Here she lists her six favorite peaceful places so far.

1 Red Rock Canyon & Mount Charleston, NV, USA
Only 45 minutes drive from the Rio, Mount Charleston (11,916 ft/3,632 m) offers anything a climber could dream of and lots of different opportunities for hiking. If that’s too far away, then try Red Rock Canyon, only 20 minutes drive from the Strip. A wild valley of vibrantly colored rocks and peaks.

2 Death Valley, CA, USA
The lowest place in the Western Hemisphere, and also the hottest place on Earth with a maximum recorded shade temperature of 56.7 C (134 F). Is that really a place you would like to go? Liv is in for the challenge, “Many of my friends think I’m crazy (I prefer to call it “hardcore”), but I’ve made a number of trips alone to this beautiful, exotic world”. 193 km (120 miles) from Las Vegas. Remember water!

3 Hollingbourne Hill, Kent, UK
The complete opposite of Death Valley. Liv’s home county, with “trees, grasses, breeze, cows and a stunning view of the lushness of Kent.” Only one hour away from London by train and worth a visit if you plan to participate in the next EPT London.

4 Swiss Alps
Going to EPT Campione? If you have a day off then rent a car and drive into the Alps. Liv tells how she “quickly succeeded in getting both spectacularly lost and breathtaken, stumbling across a crumbling ruin of a rook overlooking a giant alpine valley”.

5 Dandenong Hills, Melbourne, Australia
Even though Liv got tangled up in a giant cobweb with very angry looking spiders she lists the Dandenong Hills, a range of small mountains just outside Melbourne, as one of her favorite places. If the buzz at Aussie Millions gets too much, this is the place to be renewed and vitalized.

6 Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
The cathedral by the fascinating architect Gaudi is not in the wilderness. That said, “it’s one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited in my life … one of the most breathtaking, intricate buildings you will ever see”. If you are playing the EPT Barcelona there is simply no excuse for not visiting the cathedral.
Maybe it is the time Liv took away from the tables that gave her a comeback at the start of the year, when she became runner-up in the UKIPT Edinburgh for £59,180 after suffering a long downswing.
You can read the rest of Liv’s blog here.

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