Sofia Lövgren no Longer a Team PKR Pro

Sofia_LövgrenSofia_LövgrenMarch 31 it was announced that the Swedish pro Sofia Lövgren is leaving Team PKR. Lövgren has been representing the site since 2010. The 24-year old pro is mainly an online player, but she has played some live tournaments as well. In October 2013 she played in the £10.300 High Roller at the EPT London. On day 2 with only two tables left Lövgren was the chip leader, but Carla Sabini’s nut flush draw that made it on the river crippled Lövgren, who was sent packing shortly after with £21,540 in her pocket.

“From chippy to bust in 15 mins is very frustrating, but that’s poker. Busting tournament after tournament, often before the money, is part of the game and something both me and my sponsor understand. Online cash games are my bread and butter, so tournaments are a bonus”, Lövgren told PokerPlayer Magazine after the event.

On her homepage Lövgren wrote about her farewell to PKR: “After four amazing years as a Team PKR Pro I’m today leaving the team. I’m so grateful for this amazing time and the big support from Dan, Jake, Neil, the whole staff and all players!
It is now six years since I started from the lowest levels building a bankroll on PKR. After grinding millions of hands and just turning 20 I was given the responsibility to be the first female Team Pro. I was from day 1 very well treated by this unique and friendly community. So many people have tried to encourage me and made my poker life enjoyable.”

Lövgren has not yet announced what she is going to do now, but it seems that she has some interesting prospects ahead: “I’m starting my next big adventure and within two weeks it will be official!” So we will just have to wait and see what’s up next for the young Scandinavian.


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