UKIPT Isle of Man: Fatima Moreira de Melo in Top 10


PokerStars Team SportStar Fatima de Melo finished runner-up to Duncan Mclellan in last years edition of the UKIPT Isle of Man Main Event and today she once again came off to a flying start. De Melo seems to have a knack on this particular event, where she earned £59,660 for her second place finish in 2013.

The event has two starting flights and 20k in starting chips with 60 minutes blind levels. 145 players signed up to play Day 1A, and Fatima de Melo was the one to give the “Shuffle up and deal”.

As a twist of fate de Melo was seated at the same table as the defending champion Duncan Mclellan, but Mclellan wasn’t running good today and was eliminated after a couple of hours’ play. At that time de Melo was involved in a big pot with AQ vs. an older gentleman. How the hand played out – where some Tic Tacs were involved – de Melo talks about in this interview with PokerNews’ Sarah Grant:

After her great lay-down, de Melo was able to bust two players in one hand, when she flopped a flush and was up against a flush draw and a set of treys. The hand saw de Melo’s stack grow to 49k. At the end of the night de Melo was able to add more chips to her stack, when she called an all-in with pocket queens and was up against AK – and held. De Melo finished the day with 91,600 in chips, enough for a current 10th place.

Among the 47 players that advanced to Day 2 on Saturday was also Norway’s Katja Spillum Svendsen, who finished the day with 62,600 in chips.

Unfortunately PokerStars’ Mindsport Ambassador Jennifer Shahade did not survive the day. Carla Sabini, who finished 4th in EPT High Roller in London last year, was sent to the rail too, when she lost a flip with AK vs. Ludovich Geilich’s pair of jacks.

Day 1B will begin Friday at 12 pm local time. Team PokerStars pro Adrienne Rowsome and two-time EPT champion Victoria Coren have announced that they are playing Day 1B tomorrow.

Photo: Fatima Moreira de Melo, PokerStars

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