Victoria Coren and Maria Ho: Sending the Boys to the Cage


In episode three of the televised poker show the Shark Cage, online qualifier Matthew Herminiano from Toronto gets a chance to win one million US dollar. But the Canadian is up against a very tough line-up consisting of Victoria Coren, Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius, David Williams and Maria Ho.

Without giving away too much, we can reveal that Vicky Coren and Maria Ho are dominating the table, sending several players to the Shark Cage.

The first one to enter the cage is David Williams. The action starts when Coren raises to 23,000 with and Williams calls with . The flop brings and Coren bets 35,000 with her trip jacks. Williams calls. The on the turn sees Coren bet 75,000 and Williams calls again. The on the river brings a third diamond on board and Williams now elects to bet 220,000 as a bluff. If Coren folds her hand to the bluff, she has to go into the shark cage and sit out for an orbit. On the other hand if she calls, Williams is the one to enter the cage. But Coren is not going anywhere with her trips and Williams is first man in the cage.

“Ideally I want to put them all in the cage at once”, Coren says, but it’s Maria Ho who gets the pleasure of sending “The Great Dane” to the cage moments later.

“I find that being a woman and playing poker, I always have the advantage. Guys never expect me to bluff”, Ho says, and maybe they don’t expect her to call a big bluff either, but that’s exactly what she does in the next hand.

Action starts when Ho bets 33,000 from UTG with and Gus Hansen in the big blind calls with . The flop is and Hansen checks. Ho continues for 20,000 and Hansen calls. Both players check the turn. On the river Hansen tries to bluff Ho off her hand with a bet of 111,000. Ho finds a hero call with ace high and Hansen is next man to take the walk of shame.

Who ends up victorious you can watch in the video below, that also includes a giraffe costume, a 23-year old game show host, quad tens and “the shortest threesome ever”.

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Photo: Victoria Coren, PokerStars Blog.


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