A Short Stacked Victoria Coren on Final Table at EPT Sanremo

casino_sanremoEight players remain when the final table of EPT Sanremo is played out tomorrow. Victoria Coren, who started the day with only 22 bb, managed to survive day 5, and she will enter the final table as the short stack with 910,000 chips. The chip leader from yesterday Jordan Westmorland managed to hold on to his chip lead, and he ended the day with 3,300,000 chips. On his heels is Italian Giacomo Fundaro with 3,100,000. But he is not the only Italian as there will be four of them tomorrow, fighting to be the first Italian to win an EPT title.

With Victoria Coren still alive in the tournament we might finally and for the first time ever see at two-time EPT winner. But as Victoria Coren is the absolute short stack she has a lot of work in front of her, and with only 23 big blinds she can’t wait forever to get back in the game.

Today she patiently folded most of her hands and waited for good spots. At one time she was down to only 327,000 chips (11 bb). But after 3-4 players had busted she shoved three times over Raul Mestre’s open-raises and made him fold every time. With a little more chips in her stack she was able to open up her game a bit and survive the day.

Recap of today’s action

The first one to bust today was Vincenzo Scarcella from Italy. Westmorland opened with and Scarcella, who was short, shoved with . A jack on the flop and a ten on the turn saw the Italian hit the rail in #15 with €22,575 in prize money.

Not long after there was a three-way all in with Jeffrey Hakim, Giacomo Fundaro and Russian Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko. Hakim started the action when her open-shoved and was called by Fundaro. Then Kravchenko moved all in over the top, and Fundaro made the call. Hakim tabled , Fundaro and Kravchenko . The board ran out with an ace and Fundaro eliminated both players.

Next to go was British pro Stephen Chidwick, who shoved from the button with a pair of fours. Giacomo Fundaro was again the slayer as he had queens in the big blind and Chidwick was out. Brazilian Ariel Celestino must have felt lucky when he picked up queens and went all in and Andrea Benelli decided to call with AT. But an ace on the flop send Celestino out of the tournament.

The next to follow was Swedish pro Lukas Berglund that shoved from the cutoff and got reshoved by Vicky Coren from the small blind. Berglund tabled against Coren’s . Coren hit an ace on the turn and Berglund hit the rail as #11 with a pay check of €34,480.

The Spanish pro Raul Mestre was the player to go in 10th, when he shoved from UTG with and was called by Andreas Goeller in the small blind with . The cards came and Mestre was gone with €34,480 in his pocket.

After a seat redraw for the unofficial final table of nine, one player had to be eliminated before play could conclude for the day. On the first hand of the final nine Westmorland opened for 80,000 and the French player Emmanuel Pariset shoved all in for 890,000. Nuutinen, who was in the small blind, thought about it for a while and eventually made the call with . Westmorland folded and Paristet slammed down his . As the flop brought an ace and the turn a jack Nuutinen only had the remaining jack in the deck to hope for, but it didn’t come. Shortly after Nuutinen was gone. And the final eight, who will meet tomorrow to play down to one winner, was found.

Vicky Coren shared her joy of making it to the final table with her 238.000 followers:

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