Warming up to the WSOP: “I knew You Had That Hand. Mama Mia!”

Jennifer Harman_WSOP 2005

With less than two weeks to go before the WSOP kicks off, we are going to look at some memorable hands that were played at the Series over the years.

The hand we look at today is from the WSOP Main Event 2005, and it has gone down as one of the worst bad beats in WSOP history. The hand involves top pro and two-time bracelet winner Jennifer Harman and Corey Zeidman, a poker player from Florida.

The action begins when Harman picks up and raises to 200 and is called by Zeidman holding . The flop brings: .

A flop both players must have been pretty happy with: Harman made a set and Zeidman flopped a straight. Harman bets 500 with her set of queens and Zeidman raises to 2000 with his straight. Harman calls. The turn brings: .

Harman now makes a full house. The diamond gives Zeidman a flush draw on top of his straight. Little does he know that he only got one out – – to beat Harman’s full boat. Harman checks and Zeidman bets 1,000, which Harman now raises to 3,000. Zeidman calls. The river is and Zeidman hits his one-outer. Zeidman checks and Harman makes it 3,000, which puts Zeidman all-in. “I could do a lot of sight-seeing if I lose this hand”, Zeidman says before he calls.

The hand created a lot of controversy at the time as many players saw Zeidman’s little speech as a slow roll. But on the 2+2 Forum Jennifer Harman later came to Corey Zeidman’s defense:

“I don’t think that Cory meant to slow roll me. I think he was just caught up in the moment. ESPN didn’t show us talking about it and joking about a friend we have in common later. He apologized and I felt he was sincere about it. ESPN kept saying I was steaming. Once me and Cory talked about it, I was over it. I was just trying to stay focused and build my chips in the most important tournament of the year.”

Watch the video below and judge for yourself:


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