World Poker Tour Borgata: Great Day 1A for the Ladies

allyn-jaffrey-shulman4For the last couple of weeks the Borgata Poker Open has been a venue where a lot of female poker players have performed really well. First Patti Haggerty finished in 4th place in the $2 million Gtd. for $118,981, and then Esther Taylor-Brady took 10th in the $1 Million Gtd. for $9,708. Cathy Dever finished in 4th place in the Heads-Up Event for $9,300, while Kim Schinco took home $4,685 for 6th place in Event #13 and Rabbit Everson $11,428 for her 5th place finish in Event #17.

With all this deep runs in mind it’s no surprise that Day 1A of the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open turned out to be something of a ladies night with two female players finishing in top 10.

Day 1A saw 400 entries, including Melissa Burr, Stephanie Hubbard, Mimi Castaldi, Esther Taylor-Brady, Ronit Chamani, Cathy Dever, Amanda Musumeci, Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, Christina Lindley and Lily Kiletto.

Melissa Burr came off to a good start, when she raised a limper with and the limper 3-bet to 5,700. Burr responded with an all-in for more than 25,000 in chips, and the limper eventually called with ! The board came and Burr doubled up:

Melissa Burr survived Day 1A with 48,500 (60 bb) in chips, average is almost 70k.

Lily Kiletto once again proved her talent for accumulating chips and she ended the day in 8th place with 155,000 (193 bb). At level 5 with blinds at 150/300 Kiletto was involved in a big pot. The action began when WPT Championship winner Keven Stammen raised to 800 from middle position and was called by six (!) players. On a flop of Kiletto checked from the small blind. The player in the big blind shoved for 7,200 and Stammen and Kiletto both called, while the rest of the players folded. The turn and river brought the and the and both players checked it down. Kiletto showed a pair of deuces for a flopped set and Stammen and the player at risk mucked their hands.

Amanda Musumeci, who just won a Charity Series of Poker event two days ago, did not continue her run good on Day 1A of the WPT Borgata. Musumeci had some tough last levels, but nevertheless managed to survive to Day 2 with 27,500 (34 bb) in chips:

Bracelet winner and Women in Poker Hall of Fame inductee Allyn Jaffrey Shulman had an amazing day at the tables, and she finished the night in third place with 231,200 (289 bb) in chips. Along the way she eliminated a player with vs. , when the board ran out .

Other players who made it to Day 2 include Ronit Chamani with 62,400 in chips, Esther Taylor-Brady with 39,700, Christina Lindley with 20,500 and Stephanie Hubbard with 11,475.

Good luck to all the ladies playing Day 1B today.

Photo: Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, when she won the Seniors Event at WSOP in 2012.

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