WPT Borgata: Esther Taylor-Brady and Loni Harwood Among the Final 27

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Day 3 of WPT Borgata saw 136 players return to take their seats, including Jamie Kerstetter, Rachel Kranz, Loni Harwood and Esther Taylor-Brady. With a lot of tough players still left in the field, it would be a long day and a long night before the final 27 players were found. Still in contention at the start of the day were players like Shaun Deeb, Andy Hwang, Mukul Pahuja, Shawn Cunix, Shannon Shorr, Mike Sexton and Andy Frankenberger.

PartyPoker pro Jamie Kerstetter was one of the first players to be eliminated and unfortunately outside of the money.

Novelist and poker player Rachel Kranz managed to survive well into the money and most of the day she was sitting with an average or above average stack. Before dinner she lost a big pot, and in level 21 all her chips went into the middle on a flop of . And no wonder, for Kranz was holding . Unfortunately Casey Yontz had picked up and the on the turn and the on the river eliminated Kranz in 45th place for $11,713.

Now it was up to Loni Harwood and Esther Taylor-Brady to get the work done – and so they did!

Esther Taylor-Brady doubled up, when she shoved with and received a call from Matthew Alexander with – and held up. Unfortunately Taylor-Brady was the one to double Michael Wang up, when she hit a straight on the river and was up against a flopped nut flush. Nevertheless Taylor-Brady manage to chip up and she finished the night with 551,000 in chips and in 19th place of the remaining 27 players.

WSOP bracelet winner Loni Harwood did even better. After dinner break she eliminated Sean Ripp from the tournament, when she called his all in with a pair of nines. Ripp was holding A6 and needed to improve to stay alive. Even though he turned two pair it wasn’t enough as Harwood rivered a flush to bring her stack up to 440,000.

In the same level Harwood knocked out Jerry Payne. Payne was all in with pocket tens and Harwood called with AK. A king fell on the turn and Payne was sent to the rail, while Harwood climbed to 765,000. Unfortunately Harwood took a big hit in the next level. On a flop of Shawn Cunix bet 80,000 from middle position, which Harwood called. When the fell on the turn Cunix checked and Harwood now bet 155,000. Cunix announced “all in” and Harwood folded. The pot saw Harwood stack slide to 260,000 (16 BB).

Soon after Harwood was all in with and received a call from Justin Lunin-Pack, who had her dominated with . The board ran out and Harwood made a straight to double up to 600,000.

Harwood finished the night with 797,000 in chips and in 13th place. Harwood sadly lost her mother last year, and even though Harwood is still mourning it’s also evident, that the loss has made Harwood even more driven to win big tournaments #ForMom:

PokerWomenNews wish Esther Taylor-Brady and Loni Harwood the very best of luck on Day 4 and hope to see them both at the final table.

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