WSOP #2: Vanessa Selbst vs. Jason Mo Heads-up for the Bracelet

Selbst vs. MoBy the irony of fate Vanessa Selbst is going to play Jason Mo heads-up for the gold bracelet later today in event #2, the $25,000 Mixed-Max No-Limit Hold’em.

Yesterday Jason Mo called Vanessa Selbst “so bad” on Twitter, after Selbst was all in with against Ryan Fee’s .  Selbst hit a nine on the flop, Fee failed to improve and was knocked out of the tournament.

The eliminations came in quick order yesterday, when the 16 remaining players gathered to play four-handed in the Amazon Room. In the first couple of hours Noah Schwartz, Barry Hutter, Calvin Anderson, Nick Schulman, Kevin Song, Richard Lyndaker and Brian Green were eliminated. The play continued on two tables with restaurant owner Al Decarolis in the chip lead with 2,800,000 and Vanessa Selbst and Jason Mo around 1,500,000 each.

Darren Elias was the next player to go after a spectacular hand against Al Decarolis. According to the PokerNews blog the action began when Al Decarolis raised to 40,000 on the button with . Darren Elias three-bet to 100,000 out of the small blind with and Decarolis made the call.

The flop came and both players checked. The turn was the . Elias now led out for 175,000 with his two pairs and Decarolis raised to 575,000. Elias moved all in for around 955,000 and Decarolis called with his trip deuces. The river bricked off and Elias hit the rail in 9th place with $85,342 in his pocket.

Soon after Elias had company of Aron Jones, when his AQ fell short of JC Tran’s AK. Jones was out in 8th place with a $112,752 paycheck.  Ryan Fee was next in 7th place, and he took home the same amount as Jones after his clash with Vanessa Selbst.

Final Six Players

Down to six players Decarolis was still in front with 3 million chips with Tran and Selbst around 2 million each. It did not take long before the next elimination came. On the button Robert Tepper moved all in with his short stack and was called by JC Tran in the big blind. Tepper was in front with against Tran’s . But Tran rivered a straight flush and Tepper was out in 6th place for $171,461.

The five remaining players – Selbst, Tran, Decarolis, Mo and Matt Giannetti – now continued play on one table with Selbst in the chip lead and Giannetti as a short stack. It took 78 hands before Giannetti was finally out in 5thplace ($171,461) after his ran into Decarolis’ .

The Semifinals

The final four players went on to play the heads-up round of the tournament: Decarolis  vs. Selbst and Tran vs. Mo. It only took Mo 33 hands to eliminate Tran as Tran was severely crippled in an all in confrontation where his pocket tens failed to hold up against Mo’s AK.

For Selbst and Decarolis it took 124 hands before a winner was found. Even though Selbst was extremely short stacked with only 525,000 chips against Decarolis’ 3,435,000, she steadily managed to chip up. In the last hand Decarolis raised to 250,000 on the button with and Selbst called in the big blind with .

On the flop of Selbst elected to check, and Decarolis bet 275,000. Selbst now moved all in with her top pair and Decarolis, who could not get away from his pretty looking hand, called. The turn and river bricked and Selbst is now only one (very rude) player away from capturing her third gold bracelet.

The final battle will start at 2 p.m. today.

Photo: WSOP

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