WSOP #45: Angela Prada-Moed Runner Up in No-Limit Hold’em Event

Prada-Moed_4When the 12 remaining players in event 45: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em played down to a winner yesterday, it was with Angela Prada-Moed in the lead. The pastry-chef and part time poker player entered the final day with 961,000 in chips, average was 450,250. Hot on her heels were Loren Klein with 804,000 in chips, while Kim Ng, the second woman among the final 12, had 452,000.

Unfortunately we were not going to have another final table with two female players as Kim Ng was eliminated in 10th place. Kim Ng had picked up kings, but Will Givens woke up with aces, and Ng was sent to the rail with $17,530 in her pocket.

Angela Prada-Moed won a big pot, when she tangled with Will Givens. The two of them got into a raising war, that ended when Prada-Moed six-bet shoved and Givens finally let his hand go. According to PokerNews’ blog Givens said: “first time, I’ve never folded kings in my life.” Prada-Moed revealed that she had had a pair of kings too.

Loren Klein was the final table bubble boy, when he was not able to recover after a big hit he took earlier in the day. The action on the final table was fast and furious, and within the next hour Ivan Saul, Dimitrii Shchepkin and Duy Ho were gone from the tournament too.

The Five-Handed Feature Table

Entering the five-handed feature table Prada-Moed had a huge chip lead with 2,228,000. Will Givens had 1,442,000 in chips, while Patrick Curzio, Paul Sokoloff and David Hass all had around 600,000 – give and take. Patrick Cuezio was the first to go in 5th place, when his failed to improve against Givens’ .  Givens now had around 2 million in chips.

David Hass was eliminated in 4th place, when he moved all in UTG and was called by Prada-Moed in the big blind. Hass had , while Prada-Moed tabled . Prada-Moed hit a set on the flop and a full house on the river, and Hass was gone. Prada-Moed was now sitting with healty 3 million in chips.

In the next couple of hours the action went back and forth, and Paul Sokoloff was all in several times, but managed to catch more than one miracle card to keep him alive.  At last it was over, when Sokoloff moved all in with and was called by Givens’ pair of sevens and couldn’t improve.

Heads-Up Play

When heads-up play began, it was with Will Givens in the driver seat. He kept applying pressure, and down to her last 735,000 in chips, Prada-Moed moved all in over a raise with . Givens called with a better ace , but Prada-Moed hit a four on the turn and received a much needed double-up.

Prada-Moed doubled again with a pair of sevens against Givens pair of fives, and closed in on the gap. Givens continued as the aggressor though and was able to grind away, hitting trip aces along the way, which secured him a big pot.

On the final hand of the night, Givens raised to 100,000 and Prada-Moed called. The flop was: , and Prada-Moed once again moved all-in. Givens called with , while Prada-Moed tabled . The turn brought the and the river with the changed nothing.

Prada-Moed received $189,632 for her second place finish. Huge congrats to Angela Prada-Moed for her great achievement.

Photo: PokerNews/WSOP

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