WSOP APAC: Jackie Glazier Off to a Good Start in the Main Event

jackie-glazier-makes-wsope-historyWorld Series of Poker has not been a success for Australian pro and bracelet winner Jackie Glazier so far. Even her favorite tournament the Six-Max let her down, but today in the AUD$10,000 Main Event Glazier was able to turn things around and she was back in the driver seat – as we know her.

2005 WSOP Main Event champion Joe Hachem gave the “Shuffle up and Deal” and the cards were in the air. Among the players that showed up to play Day 1A were Dan Shak, Fabian Quoss, Jonathan Little, Ryan Riess, Mike Leah, Russel Thomas, Phil Hellmuth and Tobias Reinkemeier. Notable women in the field included Xuan Liu, Kitty Kuo, Yaxi Zhu and the aforementioned Jackie Glazier.

Chinese player Yaxi Zhu’s Main Event experience was a short one. Zhu was all in with AK on a board, but her opponent Jan Suchanek had flopped a set of sevens, and Zhu was eliminated already in level 2.

Unfortunately Kitty Kuo did not make it to Day 2 either, and WSOP APAC has not proved a success for the Taiwanese pro, who haven’t cashed a single time.

Fortunately 888pro Xuan Liu from Canada had a much better day at the tables and she bagged 58,000 for Day 2 on Tuesday:

Jackie Glazier was finally able to get things going for her, and she kept accumulating chips as the day progressed. In level 3 Glazier was involved in a three-way all in, where she and Julius Colman had both flopped a straight, while Jan Suchanek had top pair and an open-ended straight flush draw. The board did not help Suchanek, and Colman and Glazier chopped the pot.

At the last level of the night Glazier busted another player. The action started with a raise, which Glazier called before Luke Brabin moved all in for around 13,000 from the blinds. The initial raiser folded and Glazier made the call. Brabin turned over impressive and Glazier was well in front with . The flop brought to give Brabin a pair of eights. The on the turn did not change anything, but the on the river certainly did. Jackie Glazier was now sitting with a stack of 94,000.

Glazier finished the night with 98,500 in chip and in high spirits:

70 players survived Day 1A out of 129 entries. Chip leader going into Day 2 is German pro Tobias Reinkemeier with a stack of 171,925. Glazier is currently #9 in chips.

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