WSOP APAC Main Event Day 1B: Yu Kurita Continues to Run Hot

wsop-apac Main Event70 players survived Day 1A of the AUD$10,000 Main Event, and today 117 players on Day 1B bagged and tagged for Day 2 tomorrow. The combined starting flights saw 324 entries, but with registration open until start of play on Day 2, this number might increase.

Yesterday Jackie Glazier (98,500) and Xuan Liu (58,000) made it to Day 2, and today they were followed by other female players like Yu Kurita, Patty Lai, Louise Ingram and Sam Cohen.

Unfortunately Vanessa Rousso, who has not been able to get anything working for her down under, busted the event in brutal fashion, when her pair of kings were beat by Michel O’Grady’s pair of eights, which hit a set on the flop. “Juicy” Li was not able to survive the day either.

Yu Kurita, who’s had quite a breakthrough at this year’s WSOP APAC, with her 5th place finish in the Six-Max as a preliminary climax, continued her run good on Day 1B of the Main Event. At one point she was even chip leader.

A hand she played in level 4 contributed to her growing stack. It started with Kurita raising to 750 from the cutoff and a call from a player on the button. The small blind 3-bet to 3,000 and Kurita called, while the player on the button folded. The flop brought and now Kurita’s opponent moved all in. Kurita called a showed , while her opponent had in the hole. The turn was the . When the hit the river, Kurita’s oppenent thought he had won the pot according to PokerNews’ blog, but Kurita had completed a flush and the large pot was pushed her way.

Yu Kurita finished the day in 12th place with a stack of 93,000, average is 50,000.

Patty Lai will also return for Day 2 with a healthy stack of 83,250, while Australia’s Louise Ingram will begin the day with 39,550. American pro Sam Cohen also made it to Day 2 with 28,400 in chips.

Tobias Reinkemeier is chip leader going into Day 2 with 171,925 in chips. Play will resume at 12:30 local time.

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