WSOP APAC Main Event Day 2: Jackie Glazier Keeps Climbing

Jackie Glazier med braceletOn Day 2 of the Main Event the surviving players from the two starting flights were combined. A couple of players chose to register at the start of Day 2, which saw the field grow to 182 players. Among the notables left were Phil Hellmuth, Tobias Reinkemeier, George Danzer, Brandon Shack-Harris, Jeff Lisandro, Brian Rast, Jesse Sylvia and Joe Hachem. Female players still left in the field included Jackie Glazier, Xuan Liu, Sam Cohen, Patty Lai, Yu Kurita, Tatjana Zizic, Louise Ingram and Ang Italiano.

At the end of the night 70 players remained, but fortunately the majority of the female players were able to advance to Day 3.

No one else did as well as home favorite Jackie Glazier. After a terrific Day 1A, Glazier was full of confidence and ready to play her A-game. Glazier started the day with 98,500 in chips and soon she was up to 130,000. She won a big pot, when she rivered a flush and sent an opponent to the rail. Then she got full value, when she picked up in the hijack. The action started, when a player raised to 2,400 from UTG and Glazier 3-bet to 5,100. The initial raiser responded with a 4-bet all in to around 42,000 – and Glazier snapped-called. Her opponent had caught and received a little help on the flop of . The turn saw the , and Glazier now had to dodge a king and any diamond. The river brought the and Glazier was now sitting with a stack of 285,000, the second largest overall.

After dinner break Glazier kept climbing, and at one point she was chip leader with 400,000. Glazier finished the night in third place with massive 444,700 in chips, average is 141,000.

Glazier was not the only Aussie, who did well today. Tatjana Zizic from New Zealand had a fine day at the tables to end the night with 146,900 – a little above average. Ang Italiano, who’s not from Italy, but Australian finished with 130,300 after winning a big pot with aces vs. queens.
Glazier’s teammate Xuan Liu survived the day with 103,700. At one point Liu was down to only 24,500, but she was able to bounce back after picking up aces in the last level of the night.

JJ Liu took advantage of the possibility of late registration, and at first it looked like it was going to be a very short day for Liu. In the first level she was down to 12,600 after running into a straight flush. But Liu is not a Women Poker Hall of Fame inductee without reason, and she finished the night with 91,500 in chips.
Taiwanese Patty Lai will return tomorrow with 131,100, Sam Cohen with 103,700 and 6-Max finalist Yu Kurita with 68,700 in chips. Unfortunately Louise Ingram was not able to survive the day.

Chip leader going into Day 3 is Kyle Montgomery with 595,000. Play will resume tomorrow at 12:30 local time, where they will play down to the money and towards the final table. Go luck to all the ladies on Day 3.

Photo: Jackie Glazier, 888poker.

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