WSOP APAC Main Event Day 3: Pokerlegend JJ Liu Eying Her First Gold Bracelet

JJ Liu_3When registration closed for the AUD$10,000 Main Event at the beginning of Day 2, JJ Liu was one of the last players to enter the tournament. It proved to be a very good decision. The Women Poker Hall of Fame inductee is one out of three female players to return tomorrow on Day 4. The other two are Jackie Glazier and Ang Italiano.

The day began with 70 players and payouts waiting for 36 of them. Notables in the field included Frank Kassella, Jack Salter, Brian Rast, Tobias Reinkemeier, Brandon Shack-Harris and Australian athlete Shane Warner. Fortunately a lot of female players had survived as well, including the aforementioned Glazier, Liu and Italiano, but Yu Kurita, Xuan Liu, Tatjana Zizic, Patty Lai and Sam Cohen had survived as well and were ready to go on Day 3.

Jackie Glazier, who’s hoping to win her second gold bracelet, started the day third in chips with 444,700. Maybe it was the chance of winning another bracelet, that gave Glazier the stamina to survive a pretty tough day. In level 15 with blinds at 2000/4000/500 Glazier raised to 8,000 from the button and Sean Todd, who was in the small blind 3-bet to 25,000. Glazier responded with an all in and Todd called with around 107,000 behind. Glazier turned over a par of fives vs. a pair of aces for Todd. His hand held up and Glazier lost 235,000, which left her with a stack of 225,000.

In the money and with 34 left, Glazier called a shove from Michael O’Grady for his last 70,000 in chips with vs. Grady’s . The board came and O’Gradye was eliminated, while Glazier climbed to 285,000. Glazier finished the day in 11th place with 300,000 in chips.

Ang Italiano had a rollercoaster day to say the least. She started with 146,900 in chips, and at one point she was up to 643,000. Italiano was the one to send Kasra Bakhshaee home on the bubble, when his AK was unable to improve against Italiano’s pair of jacks.

In level 17 Italiano was involved in a huge pot that left her crippled. On a board of and with 70,000 in the pot, Italiano bet 25,000. Jason Giuliano responded with a raise to 100,000 and the Australian called. The river saw the and Italiano now bet 100,000. Giuliano moved all in with his remaining 213,000 and Italiano made the call. Italiano tabled for a flopped two pair, but Giuliano had caught a straight with his . The hand left Italiano with only 130,000 in chips.

Before the final break of the night, Italiano was able to get some of her chips back from Giuliano, when she moved all in with a pair of aces and Giuliano called with 109. Italiano’s hand held up and she doubled to 261,000. Italiano finished the night in 15th place with a stack of 256,000.

JJ Liu, who’s one of the most successful female players in poker history, started Day 3 with 91,500 in chips. In level 15 she doubled up in a hand against Brian Rast, when she was all in with pocket kings vs. Rast’s pair of sevens – and held up. The hand increased Liu’s stack to 150,000.

In the next level with blinds at 2,500/5,000/500 Liu raised to 13,000 and found two callers. They saw a flop of . Liu continued with a bet of 13,000 and Joachim Chia, who was in the small blind, check-raised to 29,000. Liu called and the third player folded. The turn was the and Chia now moved all in and Liu snap-called for her last 102,000 in chips. Chia showed for two pair, while Liu had hit a set on the flop with . The river didn’t matter and Liu was up to 290,000.

Liu kept climbing and she won 150,000, when she was involved in a four-way pot, and found one caller in Jack Salter, when she led out for 25,000 on a board of . When the fell on the river, Liu bet 45,000 and Salter eventually gave up his hand.

Liu finished the day in 8th place with 431,000 in chips. If Liu captures the bracelet and the AUD$850,136 on top, she will be very close to $4 million in live tournament earnings.

With 9 women left out of 70 entries at the start of the day, which is pretty impressive, it is even more astounding that 7 of them made it to the money. Yu Kurita was the first player to be eliminated after the bubble in #35 for $20,003, Xuan Liu was sent home in #31 with $21,556, Tatjana Zizic made it to #28 for $$21,556 and Sam Cohen took home the same amount in #26.

Play on Day 4 will resume on Thursday at 12:30 local time, where they will play down to the final table of six. Australia’s Victor Teng is chip leader with 1,854,000.

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