WSOP APAC Main Event: Satellite Winner Ang Italiano Makes Final Table

Ang Italiano3

With three female players remaining out of 18, it was pretty likely that one of them would make it to the final table of six today. But before the day began, not many would have counted on local player Ang Italiano to be the one seated at the final table Saturday.

Ang Italiano, who’s currently ranked 61,867 on the Global Poker Index, has $87,656 in live tournament earnings over the last 10 years. If Italiano can take this one down, it will be her largest score to date. Her biggest cash dates back to 2006, when she finished runner-up in the AUD$1,000 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event of Australian Poker Championships for AUD$18,200.

The most amazing part of the story is the fact that Italiano satellited her way into the Main Event. In fact Italiano won her AUD$10,000 seat for just AUD$130! First she played two “Phase One” AUD$65 satellites. She won one of them, which earned her an entry into an AU$250 “Phase Two” satellite. She won that one as well, before she finally won a AUD$1,100 “Phase Three” to see her receive a seat in the Main Event.

Italiano’s way to the final table has been turbulent. Yesterday she was up to 643,000 and then suddenly down to 130,000, and she finished the day in 15th place with 256,000 in chips.

At the start of the day poker veteran JJ Liu was in the best position to go deep as she returned in 8th  place with 431,000 in chips. Bracelet winner Jackie Glazier started the day with a stack of 300,000 in 11th place.

In the first level of the day, JJ Liu lost a big pot to Jackie Glazier. The action started when Liu bet 24,000 UTG and Glazier 3-bet to 55,000. Liu made the call and they saw a flop of . Liu led out for 50,000, but Glazier wanted otherwise and moved all in for her remaining 164,000. Liu folded and was down to 237,000.

But Liu was not finished yet, and she was not going to just sit back and wait. In the same level Liu raised to 25,000 from the hijack and received a call from Baden Logan on the button. The flop brought and Liu led out for 30,000. Logan raised to 105,000 and Liu went into the tank before she finally folded. Liu was now down to only 145,000 in chips.

On the next level Liu moved all in from the button with her remaining stack of 106,000, and Jack Salter in the small blind made the call. Liu turned over but she was up against Salter’s . The board ran out and the poker legend was eliminated in 13th place for AUD$31,880.

Unfortunately Jackie Glazier was next one out, when she shoved her last 161,000 with and was called by Jason Giuliano from the button with . The flop ran out , which gave Giuliano outs to a straight and a backdoor flush. When the prevailed on the turn and the on the river, Glazier was eliminated in 12th place for AUD$42,194:

Italiano began her way to the final table, when she doubled up in a pot vs. Player of the Year contender Brandon Shack-Harris. Shack-Harris opened for 20,000 on the button and Italiano shoved for her remaining 245,000. Shack-Harris made the call with AK vs. Italiano’s pair of tens – and they held up. Italiano was now sitting with 500k.

With 13 players left Italiano called a shove for 67,000 from Alexander Antonios. Italiano had caught a pair of kings and Antonios was way behind with a pair of fours. The board didn’t help Antonios and Italiano’s stack grew to 550,000.

In level 21 with blinds at 8,000/16,000/2,000 Italiano opened to 60,000 and found a caller in Jason Giuliano in the big blind. The flop came and Giuliano checked. Italiano moved all in for her last 343,000 in chips with and Giuliano called with . Italiano was in bad shape, but the on the turn gave her a pair of nines with saw her stack grow to 822,000.

Italiano finished the day with only 510,000 in chips (17 bb). The final table tomorrow will look like this:

Player                                           Country            Chips                Big blinds
Frank Kassela                               USA                    1,250,000          42
Scott Davis                                    USA                    2,210,000          74
Kyle Montgomery                         USA                      950,000           32
Henry Wang                                  Taiwan               1,700,000          57
Ang Italiano                                  Australia              510,000          17
Jack Salter                                     England             3,255,000          109

All the players are guaranteed at least AUD$118,769, which means that Italiano is already getting her investment back more than 900 times. AUD$850,136 is waiting on top for the winner,

PokerWomenNews  wishes Ang Italiano the best of luck Saturday, when play will resume on 3:30 local time.


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